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Keep your device screen active and viewable all the time

Stay Alive! Keep screen awake Make your device screen Stay...
Review posted Wed 9 Oct '13  ·  2692 comments

While we enjoy the benefits of our device's default energy saving capabilities there are times when it's actually kind of aggravating. Probably the most annoying is when using the GPS system or reading a map. The last thing that you need is for your device to dim out or go into sleep mode when you need it in a hurry. It can be downright dangerous, if it comes to that. Stay Alive! is a free, simple and effective mobile and tablet application that is guaranteed to keep your device's screen active when you need it and off when you don't. ... Read more

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Submitted Fri 12 Dec '14
Embed Any URL.

EmbedKit, offers a unified oEmbed API endpoint for the internet. Give our API any URL, and we'll give you back meaningful data about the resource. If you have ever used... Read more

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  • EmbedKit
    Embed Any URL.
    Submitted Fri 12 Dec '14
  • John Kavanagh
    Portfolio of John Kavanagh: Front-End...
    Submitted Sun 30 Nov '14
  • Blossom
    Lightweight Agile/Lean Project...
    Submitted Tue 11 Nov '14
  • CSSelf
    Clean your CSS files
    Submitted Tue 4 Nov '14
  • WPDesk
    Unlimited stress removal for...
    Submitted Tue 28 Oct '14
  • stackify
    Stackify connects the app dots for you
    Submitted Sat 11 Oct '14
  • Viaduct
    Revolutionary Rails Application...
    Submitted Wed 1 Oct '14
  • Floop
    The First Mobile Publishing Platform...
    Submitted Wed 1 Oct '14
  • Actual Reports
    Actual Reports is a document...
    Submitted Thu 18 Sep '14
  • PubKey
    The smart and easy way to manage SSH...
    Submitted Thu 21 Aug '14

John Kavanagh

Submitted Sun 30 Nov '14
Portfolio of John Kavanagh: Front-End Web...

The portfolio of John Kavanagh: a talented front-end web developer from London, in the UK. The site is built using the latest technologies and techniques in HTML5 with jQuery and... Read more


Submitted Tue 11 Nov '14
Lightweight Agile/Lean Project Management

Blossom is a super lightweight project management tool for software developers. Managing software projects is really complicated so we've built Blossom in a way takes the noise... Read more


Submitted Tue 4 Nov '14
Clean your CSS files

CSSelf is a webapp that scans an entire website and detects every unused class or id from one or more css files. It helps keeping the files free of junks, the file size will... Read more


Submitted Tue 28 Oct '14
Unlimited stress removal for Wordpress site owners

Give the stress of tweaking, managing and updating your WordPress site to someone else. You tell us what needs doing using a simple online form. Things like moving the logo,... Read more


Submitted Sat 11 Oct '14
Stackify connects the app dots for you

Stackify is the industry’s only platform that combines comprehensive application monitoring, performance management, error tracking, custom application metrics, log management and... Read more


Submitted Wed 1 Oct '14
Revolutionary Rails Application Hosting

Viaduct is an brand new application hosting platform allowing developers to easily deploy their Ruby, Rails, PHP and Node.js applications straight from a web-browser. Not only... Read more


Submitted Wed 1 Oct '14
The First Mobile Publishing Platform for Kids App...

Floop is the first mobile publishing platform built for kids app developers, helping them to grow and promote their business. We have developed COPPA & Apple Store compliant app... Read more

Actual Reports

Submitted Thu 18 Sep '14
Actual Reports is a document generation and...

Actual Reports is a document generation and reporting tool for software vendors that eases the creation of any kind of PDF and HTML documents regardless of the programming... Read more

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