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Keep your device screen active and viewable all the time

Stay Alive! Keep screen awake Make your device screen Stay...
Review posted Wed 9 Oct '13  ·  2692 comments

While we enjoy the benefits of our device's default energy saving capabilities there are times when it's actually kind of aggravating. Probably the most annoying is when using the GPS system or reading a map. The last thing that you need is for your device to dim out or go into sleep mode when you need it in a hurry. It can be downright dangerous, if it comes to that. Stay Alive! is a free, simple and effective mobile and tablet application that is guaranteed to keep your device's screen active when you need it and off when you don't. ... Read more

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Actual Reports

Submitted Thu 18 Sep '14
Actual Reports is a document generation and...

Actual Reports is a document generation and reporting tool for software vendors that eases the creation of any kind of PDF and HTML documents regardless of the programming... Read more

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  • Actual Reports
    Actual Reports is a document...
    Submitted Thu 18 Sep '14
  • PubKey
    The smart and easy way to manage SSH...
    Submitted Thu 21 Aug '14
  • Atatus
    Simple JavaScript Error Tracking
    Submitted Thu 7 Aug '14
  • skysiss
    Everyday activities, API, and dev apps
    Submitted Fri 25 Jul '14
  • Formula Force Racing
    Ex Wipeout, F1, Blur and Motorstorm...
    Submitted Tue 22 Jul '14
  • Hi Diplo
    Communication made easy
    Submitted Wed 16 Jul '14
  • Exceptiontrap
    Powerful and intelligent error...
    Submitted Mon 7 Jul '14
  • We Love Golang
    Looking for a Go job? Looking for Go...
    Submitted Wed 25 Jun '14
  • Evento
    Events listings management system
    Submitted Mon 26 May '14
  • Bernoulli
    Bernoulli is a service that provides...
    Submitted Fri 23 May '14


Submitted Thu 21 Aug '14
The smart and easy way to manage SSH keys on your...

Pubkey is a centralized SSH Public Key management service to manage SSH access to many Linux servers easily. You manage users keys & memberships from a browser based console and... Read more


Submitted Thu 7 Aug '14
Simple JavaScript Error Tracking

Atatus is the simplest error tracking for JavaScript. Just add a small snippet and you will be notified on all the errors that happen in your front end web application. And... Read more


Submitted Fri 25 Jul '14
Everyday activities, API, and dev apps

It works using ussd commands (#help, #currency, #game etc.) from your IM client [Skype][XMPP][Whatsapp]. Available applications: DEV: Hash encoder Linux Server... Read more

Formula Force Racing

Submitted Tue 22 Jul '14
Ex Wipeout, F1, Blur and Motorstorm team members...

Ex Wipeout, F1, MotorStorm and Blur team members release Formula Force Racing as The Pixel Bullies Three ex members of some of the biggest racing franchises have spent the last 2... Read more

Hi Diplo

Submitted Wed 16 Jul '14
Communication made easy

Hi.diplo is an Saas designed for developers and project managers that use git as a Source Code Management (SCM) tool. Thanks to this web service, which can be integrated into the... Read more


Submitted Mon 7 Jul '14
Powerful and intelligent error tracking &...

Exceptiontrap is a SaaS used to track errors & monitors exceptions from Ruby on Rails and PHP web applications. It groups similar errors together, collects all the information... Read more

We Love Golang

Submitted Wed 25 Jun '14
Looking for a Go job? Looking for Go developers,...

We Love Golang is a place to post your Go (Golang) job ad. If you're a developer or engineer browse all of the available Go positions. For maximum exposure to employers, you can... Read more


Submitted Mon 26 May '14
Events listings management system

Evento is a PHP script you can install on your own server to easily publish and manage your events online. Built for event promoters, community managers, organizations, companies,... Read more

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