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Record and interpret your dreams as you type

DreamTagTell Record & Explore with...
Review posted Sun 27 Apr '14

It's kinda rare for me to remember my dreams at night past that first ten minutes when I wake up in the morning. It seems so vivid at first but then it just seems to disappear as your mind grasps for more... like smoke in a breeze. I do remember a particular one recently where I was booking into an elevated hotel in the mountains of Nepal with a friend and my two cats. The fact that the friend was the girlfriend of a good friend of mine just made it more complicated - but, that's another story. They say ... Read more

Sort out your LOL's from your LMFAO's in one simple place - New...
Review posted Sun 15 Dec '13

The Internet has certainly changed the way we live but who would have thought that it would change the way we speak, too? Im sure that, by now, everyone knows full well that LOL means Laugh Out Loud but it gets a bit challenging when you are presented with SEO's and FML...and we haven't even thought about LMFAO - maybe we shouldn't go there just yet. The fact is, the Internet exists on acronyms, abbreviations and slang and, if you want to know your way around, there needs to be an easy place to go if you want to find ... Read more

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Sharpen up your Mandarin the Farber way

BaconLanguageTomato Hungry to Learn to Speak...
Review posted Thu 31 Jan '13

Let's face it, it's pretty hard to go past a language app that takes its name from a classic sandwich, so BaconLanguageTomato had to be investigated turns out that what could have been mistaken for something served up for breakfast or lunch at O'Doule's in San Francisco, turns out to be a very smart and neat looking app that asks if you are hungry to speak the Mandarin Chinese language. It's a virtual Mandarin dictionary with an unusual slant that puts into practice a technique made famous by former US radio host Barry Farber.   Farber was a native ... Read more

A video dictionary of words and phrases that could be the next Pinterest

Vifinition Video Dictionary Crowdsourced Video Dictionary
Review posted Tue 20 Mar '12

Potential! Vifinition Video Dictionary has heaps of it. This video sharing application takes video crowdsourcing in a slightly different direction by redefining the way we perceive words and phrases in our search mechanisms. Rather than relying solely on our tried and tested methods of the search engine, Vifinition turns the video search on its head by relying on the urban dictionary concept of finding interesting videos and adds a great element of fun to it, too. If I said the word fiasco to you - how would you define it as a piece of video art?   Vifinition introduces a ... Read more

Dictionary Apps


Submitted Thu 5 Nov '15
System wide android dictionary

System wide offline dictionary for android. This emulates the in built functionality of defining a word that iphone and mac have. Just copy a word or sentence in any app and... Read more

Offline English to Hindi Language Translator / Dictionary.

Submitted Tue 5 May '15
The Best English to Hindi Dictionary Ever

This English to Hindi Translation Dictionary with well over 450.000 offline entries is a bilingual service which offers its users an alphabetically arranged list of words, their... Read more

Arabic English FREE Offline Dictionary

Submitted Sat 2 May '15
Arabic dictionary, Offline Arabic To English,...

OFFLINE Arabic English Dictionary has common Arabic and English words that we use in our daily life. Best for native Arabic or English speaking students and travelers.... Read more

Offline English to Vietnam Language Translator / Dictionary . Offline Anh đến Việt Nam Language Tran

Submitted Fri 1 May '15
The Best English to Vietnam Dictionary Ever

This cutting edge application enables you to have an innovative dictionary with approximately three hundred thousand words. Our English to Vietnam Translate Dictionary with a... Read more

Offline English to Greek Language Translator / Dictionary . Αποσυνδεδεμένος Αγγλικά σε Ελληνικά Γλώσ

Submitted Mon 20 Apr '15
The Best English to Greek Dictionary Ever

Our English to Greek Translate Dictionary is aimed to accommodate the high demands of each member of society living all over the globe. This English Greek Dictionary has content... Read more

Offline English to Bulgarian Language Translator / Dictionary . Offline английски на български език

Submitted Mon 20 Apr '15
The Best English to Bulgarian Dictionary Ever

This English to Bulgarian Translate Dictionary is aimed to accommodate the high demands of each member of society all over the globe. Our English Bulgarian Dictionary has content... Read more