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See what the locals see in NYC

Citydoping NYC Get high on NYC
Review posted Tue 5 Mar '13

New York is so good they named it twice, according to Frank Sinatra. There has been so much written about the place over the years and it is still one of the must-visit cities in the world. Every travel application features it amongst their top cities but most of them just show you the highlights and obvious tourist places. While its essential to touristy visit places like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler building and the Statue of Liberty it is just as interesting to see the stuff the locals see. CitydopingNYC is a new iOS app created by New Yorkers ... Read more

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Submitted Fri 6 Feb '15
Meet Bob. Your everyday instant deal provider.

ImWithBob provides instant deals in real-time get anywhere up to 50% or more off your purchase. Local restaurants and shops offer the best daily deals through our iOS app. ... Read more

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Submitted Tue 6 Jan '15
Mobile pre-orders for dining at restaurants...

Settle is mobile pre-orders and payments app for iPhones and Androids, which helps customers make pre-orders from restaurant menu, pay bills in advance with their phones and come... Read more


Submitted Fri 31 Aug '12
The Ultimate Foodie App

Uber foodies rejoice! You're about to raise the bar on how you share your food experiences from a boring picture to HD video. With video you can share sound, commentary and tons... Read more

The Tipmeister (Free)

Submitted Mon 23 Jul '12
Determine final bill including tip!

Tipmeister Free provides a quick and easy way to calculate a tip and total of a bill when necessary. Even has different currency symbols for users in other countries who would... Read more