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A simple to use set of small business management tools that can make you more productive

OElite Platform Your technology partner and...
Review posted Mon 22 Dec '14

One of things that has been holding back small business when it comes to having an online presence has been lack of technical knowledge. Many business owners are technically challenged by website builders and CRMs, feel that they just don't have the computer skills to maintain them properly or figure that they are just too damned expensive to justify. If they do attempt to enter the online world they will generally cherry pick cheap, individual services and hope that they will all work together somewhere down the line. OElite Platform offers a cost effective set of small business management tools ... Read more

Monitor all your domains for downtime

Dominder - websites manager The most convenient way to...
Review posted Tue 15 Jan '13

If you have just the one domain that you monitor it's not too much of a problem to see that it is running 24/7. But when you have multiple sites it's verging on becoming a full-time job to try keep track of them all. If your site is monetized and has some downtime while you aren't looking then it is costing you money and nobody wants that to happen. Dominder is a new internet management application that lets you monitor all your domains from one single easy to navigate control. This makes your workload somewhat lighter and gives you more ... Read more

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Design your own website cheaply and simply

Free Web Design Apps Free Web Design Apps on the...
Review posted Sun 11 Mar '12

Free Web Design Apps seems to tell one side of it's story in it's name. On the one hand, it's a free set of web design tools to put together a quality website with minimum effort and precious few design skills. But on the other hand it provides a paid version that offers a very professional all-in-one website builder with domain name services, unlimited hosting, customized branding, consultation and over 2000 designs and 120 pre-built website templates that make it a very easy way to get started.   Here is a set of free website design tools for the curious ... Read more

No-Brainer for Insurance Agents

AgentMethods Powerful insurance websites....
Review posted Sat 26 Nov '11

If you run an insurance agency and are looking for a great professional looking website then I think Agents Method was probably good value for money even before addition of its lead management feature. Now it has this it’s starting to look like a no-brainer.A web presence is essential if you’re in the insurance game as hardly anyone these days commits to anything without first surfing the net. With the help of these guys you can now have a serious business website without the need to employ the technical brains to get it off the ground.Choose the look from a selection of themes and customize ... Read more

Easily create a website for your restaurant

EZFOODIE The EZ restaurant website...
Review posted Fri 25 Nov '11

Any restaurant worth their salt these days has a website (excuse the pun) and there are enough good reasons for that. People hardly buy anything these days without first checking it out on the internet and where to eat is no exception.Anybody travelling any distance to a town or city, maybe for the first time, is also very likely to surf around prior to departure for an establishment that caters both for their taste and their budget (sorry, another pun!).Whether you run a simple diner or hanker after a more fine dining clientele then can provide you with a great looking website with all ... Read more

It takes fonts to have the best design

FontIneed It takes fonts to have the...
Review posted Fri 4 Nov '11

 It's funny but I was just saying the other day that I haven't seen too many font apps lately and here is a beauty. Whilst most office applications that probably came with your computer have a heap of default fonts installed. There's a couple of problems there though. Quite often, you can't actually see what the typeface looks like until you have it in your document. Secondly, there aren't those really cool and unusual fonts available to make your presentation something special. FontIneed has solved both those problems in one by having 50,000 fonts available including many bespoke ones and all viewable ... Read more

A new way to create the web.

Accelsor A new way to create the web.
Review posted Thu 3 Nov '11

It can be a very expensive thing to put a website together. If it was cheap everybody would have done it by now, surely. Hang on...they just did. Accelsor is a very cool domain design tool that let's you create a stunning website in minutes without having to go through the whole rigmarole of designing, coding, prototyping and uploading your baby to your web server. It's buttonless real-time website creation at it's best.    With Accelsor you don’t waste time prototyping, coding, designing and uploading files to your web server. Accelsor is a domain design tool that lets both beginners ... Read more

World's First Risk-Free Naming Service World's First Risk-Free...
Review posted Mon 31 Oct '11

Trying to think of something both catchy and relevant to use as your domain name is not the easiest thing to do. Some people can knock twenty out an hour while others struggle to think of anything memorable. PickyDomains is a domain advice blog tool for business that has 46,000 people working for you trying to think up the perfect domain name for your business. If you like one of the options and decide to register the domain then it'll cost you just US$50 and it's all yours. Simple.     If you need a memorable and easy to pronounce domain ... Read more

Let the Answers Find You

Newscurve Let the Answers Find You
Review posted Mon 31 Oct '11

If you run a news or blog site, or indeed if you run several of them, NewsCurve is likely to be something of real interest to you. Some of the guys contributing to your site might not think so but hey that’s their problem. Read more

Beautiful Dashboards for Real-Time Metrics!

Leftronic Beautiful Dashboards for...
Review posted Fri 28 Oct '11

Leftronic creates beautiful and powerful dashboards for your company's most important data. No matter whether you are tracking web engagement, user activity, server stats or, most importantly, sales you will be kept totally up-to-date. Leftronic is a very cool looking domain stats tool for Real-Time Metrics that gathers together allm   Leftronic's software makes it incredibly easy to deploy powerful dashboards to track the data that matters most and enables companies to monitor their key metrics in real-time! The user can aggregate a company’s metrics from numerous services like Google Analytics, Twitter and Zendesk and present them in a visually ... Read more

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