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Scan on your smartphone to check if your vegan food really is vegan

Vegan Scanner Identify whether a product is...
Review posted Wed 14 May '14

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal-derived products with an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of sentient animals. Dietary vegans (or strict vegetarians) refrain from consuming all animal related products. This means meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived substances. A trip to the supermarket however, often turns into a nightmare for vegans, because of the often confusing ingredient labeling on many of the items. Vegan Scanner lets you scan the item's barcode with your iOS or Android's camera and get information about the product.   As a vegan, when in ... Read more

Time gentlemen please!

BarLink Online Connecting Online with Real...
Review posted Sat 28 Jan '12  ·  4 comments

Dear oh dear, whatever next? I guess I’m getting a bit too old for new crazes in the pubs and bars of the world but just reading the developers blurb for this one gives a strong enough hint that the art of conversation and personal interaction is sadly on the way out. There is obviously a market for something like this as the site points out what we all know already. That is on that many a night out with a group of friends at least half of them will spend more time tapping away at their cell phones than taking part ... Read more

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  • Aqualert App
    Water Drinking Tracker and Reminder
    Submitted Fri 20 Feb '15
  • Craft Beer Calculator
    Craft Beer Calculator - Educate...
    Submitted Wed 4 Feb '15
  • Memes drinking game
    The best way to get drunk with friends
    Submitted Fri 9 Jan '15
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    Submitted Sat 29 Nov '14
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    Online drink vouchers
    Submitted Mon 24 Nov '14
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    Submitted Thu 13 Nov '14
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    Submitted Wed 1 Oct '14
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    Good App
    Submitted Sun 14 Sep '14
  • Wasted Fred - Drinking Games
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    Submitted Sun 27 Jul '14
  • PintSaver
    The cheapest pint of beer in the store
    Submitted Fri 6 Jun '14

Shaken...not stirred...

BartenderApp Find your perfect cocktail...
Review posted Thu 26 Jan '12  ·  22 comments

I can see this one providing endless hours of fun and endless hours of hangovers starting the day after the party. It’s also probably a good idea for this post-Christmas time of year when most of us have got a load of half-drunk bottles of all sorts sitting in our cupboards. That bottle of sweet vermouth for example that you had to get in for Auntie Betty or the sherry your mum likes but only ever has one glass of is often redundant once the festivities are over but with Bartender you can get mixing! Read more

Tags drink tools

More soon after New Year's Eve!

BrewFridge Keep track of your beer!
Review posted Thu 19 Jan '12  ·  6 comments

Now come on! Does anybody seriously collect beer? The whole notion of someone actually collecting beer sums up an image of a guy opening the fridge or cupboard door, staring admiringly at the bottles (and maybe even stroking a few) before closing it again still thirsty. In the loosest sense of the term I suppose that I am collector of beer but in the Homer Simpson mould. I collect a slab on a weekly basis and would you believe it I have to collect another load a week later! Read more

Tags drink tools

One for the wine buffs...

My Wine Assistant Wine Tracking For Serious...
Review posted Thu 19 Jan '12  ·  5 comments

If you’re made of the sort of money that allows you to keep 500+ bottles of wine in your cellar then $49 a year for this site’s premium plan will seem like a spit in the ocean. I can usually manage to rack up about 30 bottles pre-Christmas, however, they never seem to make it much past New Year’s Eve and although I’ve often thought about keeping the labels in a scrapbook of the one’s I like it’s always something someone else does. Anyway if wine’s your passion, as a collector as well as a guzzler I might add, then this one ... Read more

The wine list is on the Ipad provided, Sir...

iPad wine menu MOLHO.CO bring your menu to life
Review posted Tue 29 Nov '11  ·  62 comments

Just a gimmick or the way forward? I’m not sure but then I’m still a lover of paperback books that you can fold in half as you lay on your sunbed next to the pool! I’ve yet to be persuaded about the merits of the tablet when it comes to reading material but that’s just an age thing. This app takes the concept of the electronic book into the restaurant and in particular in respect of the wine menu. With the aid of an iPad or I should say several iPads, depending on the size of your restaurant, you can now ... Read more

Love juicing? Juicer is THE Juicing App

Juicer, The Juicing App Love juicing? Juicer is THE...
Review posted Tue 25 Oct '11  ·  27 comments

You won't be able to miss Juicer when you see it in the app store for free. It's the one with the huge luscious red strawberry on the front. With summer not so far away we'll all be racing down the mall pretty soon to get our delicious and refreshing juice mixes. With Juicer there aren't any more trips down the mall. This food and drink tool for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android gives you a super new juicing recipe each day and let's you share photos and postings on your favorite social networking sites.   Juicer, The ... Read more

Share Your Wine

Vinotweet Share Your Wine
Review posted Thu 26 May '11  ·  19 comments

If one of your hobbies is wine tasting, or if you’re a foodie looking for the perfect wine to go with a meal, Vinotweet is a site you might be interested in checking out.  Vinotweet is a social networking tool that works along with Twitter, as well as being a social site all in itself.  Read more

Drink Apps

Aqualert App

Submitted Fri 20 Feb '15
Water Drinking Tracker and Reminder

Aqualert is a water intake tracker and reminder app. Have a good water balance in your body is crucial and have a huge list of benefits on your weight, skin, hair, organs, energy... Read more

Craft Beer Calculator

Submitted Wed 4 Feb '15
Craft Beer Calculator - Educate yourself, have...

The Craft Beer Calculator helps to navigate through thousands of non-traditional beer brands and styles that have become available to the American public. Some of these are much... Read more

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