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Make study and note taking more productive and fun

Classmint Best way to take educational...
Review posted Tue 3 Sep '13  ·  666 comments

Some students are naturals when studying and note taking while others have a few problems maintaining concentration when learning. It's a fact! Some just have those organized minds that can note take and retain information in a logical way but it's not so easy for the rest of us and we may need a little help to bring us up to scratch. Classmint is a new learning and education application that helps make studying easier and makes it easier for the student to retain more information. It does this by adding a fun and interactive aspect to study and note ... Read more

Create elearning courses simply with all the trimmings

Course Toolkit Web-based eLearning Platform
Review posted Sun 26 May '13  ·  493 comments

You may be a good teacher but transferring your undoubted classroom skills into an elearning situation can prove a little problematic -especially if your computer skills aren't all they could be. However, now there is an easy way. Course Toolkit is an educational application where you can either create brand new, media rich and professional looking courses from scratch or import your own existing courses from HTML files. This very flexible app lets you add as many pages as you want, create tests that can be automatically or manually marked and provide a very classy service for your students.   ... Read more

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  • LingosMio
    The easiest way to learn languages...
    Submitted Sun 15 Mar '15
  • Bite Size Learning
    Quick Tech Understanding for Busy...
    Submitted Fri 23 Jan '15
  • Ziteboard
    Think Visually
    Submitted Sun 11 Jan '15
  • Uberchord
    Your Personal Guitar Chord Trainer
    Submitted Sun 30 Nov '14
  • Reflect App
    Reflect makes it easy to remember the...
    Submitted Tue 18 Nov '14
  • Milk Hunt
    The most Entertaining Educational...
    Submitted Fri 5 Sep '14
  • Weight Lifting Videos
    Tons of workout tutorials ranked by...
    Submitted Sat 2 Aug '14
  • Elucidat
    Elucidat is the faster way for teams...
    Submitted Fri 11 Apr '14
  • JoomlaLMS
    Affordable E-Learning system with...
    Submitted Mon 7 Apr '14
  • 1916 Easter Rising Audio Trail
    Bringing Irish History to Life
    Submitted Thu 27 Mar '14

A superior learning management system to evaluate and train your staff

SkyPrep LMS without the Mess
Review posted Tue 19 Mar '13  ·  615 comments

Staff training and evaluation used to be a quite labor-intensive and time consuming activity and generally used to involve bringing in people from outside the business who were trained in the process. This is disruptive for your staff as well as being somewhat costly. While this may be fine for multinationals it doesn't necessarily suit the budget of the smaller organization. SkyPrep is a new cloud-based, online LMS (Learning Management System) application that is designed to train and test your employees simply and easily. Upload all your source material, create tests and discover how your employees understand your business or ... Read more

Train your small business like the big boys

talentlms The Fastest Path to Awesome...
Review posted Fri 11 Jan '13  ·  147 comments

Things are changing for the  better for small business. In the past there has been a bit of a defeatist attitude from them when comparing their opportunities of bettering themselves and their workers against a larger organization. When it came to training staff, the argument has always been that it was too expensive and took up too much time so a more ad hoc approach was taken up. But if the small business person is canny, they can find everything they want as apps and quite often for little on no cost. TalentLMS is one such app that will be ... Read more

Bye, bye email...Hello TagMyDoc

TagMyDoc The New Way To Share Documents
Review posted Sun 23 Sep '12  ·  41 comments

"Bye, bye email...hello TagMyDoc" goes the byline to this innovative and very useful file sharing app. TagMyDoc could well be the future of document sharing and takes online communication one step further into the 21st Century. While it's taking people a while to come to terms with QR Code technology - and many people I talk to still have no idea what those funny little square boxes are all about - when one wakes up to the idea that they are basically a bar code it's easy to see the possibilities. TapMyDoc is a free app that let's you place ... Read more

eLearning teachine sources with tons of extra features online for free

Lexim Lexim - eLearning for...
Review posted Fri 27 Jul '12  ·  100 comments

Up until now, eLearning software has generally been in the hands of large institutions and only available at a pretty hefty price. Lexim bucks that trend with this cloud-based education application for all teachers to place their sources online. it allows free use by teachers who can get started in minutes and teach the course immediately. Courses have been designed for high education and K-12 schools and aims to help students get the most out of their education by creating a better and more effective teaching environment.   Lexim is a cloud based platform for teachers that lets them deliver ... Read more

Elearning Apps


Submitted Sun 15 Mar '15
The easiest way to learn languages online. For

LingosMio is an online space to learn languages. If you already tried online language learning and ended up dissatisfied with the result, look no further: start learning with... Read more

Bite Size Learning

Submitted Fri 23 Jan '15
Quick Tech Understanding for Busy Professionals....

Bite Size Learning was created with the busy professional in mind. Today, more than ever, Tech Understanding is crucial to moving up in the professional world. Decision makers,... Read more


Submitted Sun 11 Jan '15
Think Visually

Ziteboard is a zoomable whiteboard with easy real-time collaboration on any desktop or mobile device. With Ziteboard you have infinite space to work on with your team in real... Read more


Submitted Sun 30 Nov '14
Your Personal Guitar Chord Trainer

Uberchord, the new app for guitar heads! Uberchord is building the next generation of learning software for musical instruments, starting with a personal guitar teacher on your... Read more

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