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Seamless Communication and monitoring of your team wherever they are

Devizan Development made transparent.
Review posted Sat 14 Dec '13  ·  604 comments

If you are lucky enough to have all your software development team in the one place you are probably in the minority these days. You will find that many will collaborate on projects with other developers that can be based anywhere else in the world. The problem arises for management teams when they are looking for development transparency on work done. Devizan is a cloud-based, software development application that will help when you need to check a project's state (at any point in its history,) changes made during development, maintenance phases or its documentation. Rather than showing screenshots or keyboard ... Read more

Take control of your electricity consumption to save money and reduce your usage

efergy engage track your home energy...
Review posted Thu 15 Aug '13  ·  66 comments

There has been an awful lot of talk over the last few years about climate change and what we can do about it. Whether you believe that we humans are someway responsible for its more rapid onset over the last twenty years or so or are one of the few that think it's a cyclical problem that we can do little about, there is no doubt that something is not quite right out there. The bizarre weather patterns across the US this year, not to mention the rest of the world, show us that we have a problem. It has ... Read more

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Try out paid eco-friendly apps for free

EcoAppsFree Where greening the world goes...
Review posted Sun 13 Jan '13  ·  127 comments

It would be nice to think that, in these times of undoubted climate change, the general public would be ready to try and find their inner greenness. Unfortunately, most of us are pretty lazy when it comes to environmental issues and, unless it is laid out in front of us, we put it in the 'too-hard' basket. A good way to get the message across is, of course, the app and there are a lot of great eco-friendly apps out there that will certainly educate. Sadly, they can get overlooked in the thousands of apps that get released each year. ... Read more

Environment, health and safety for small business

Synaptor Observations Manage health, safety and...
Review posted Mon 20 Feb '12  ·  35 comments

It's reasonably easy for large companies to keep their health, safety and environment conditions under control. They can afford to just go out and hire a team to oversee it. But what can the concerned small or medium size business do to put their own house in order? It's not like they can afford to splash out on an environmental and health and safety team and it's going to be hard to get your overworked small team to take it on  alongside their regular work. Synaptor Observations could well fill that void. It's a complete environmental and health application for ... Read more

Reduce your home energy usage... and we'll pay you for it!

Earth Aid Reduce your home energy...
Review posted Sat 8 Oct '11  ·  16 comments

Getting rewarded for cutting down on your energy bills sounds like a win win situation to me and obviously a lot of Americans feel the same way. Read more

Track your Home Energy Usage Track your Home Energy Usage
Review posted Wed 7 Sep '11  ·  3 comments

Say goodbye to the endless trawl through yellow pages or numerous websites thrown up by Google when you type in “fuel suppliers”. What’s more keep track of what you’re spending and how often with Fuelstart’s one-stop shop for domestic heating fuel. Read more

Environment Apps

Bert Earth

Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
New app enlists children in the fight against...

Bert Saves the Earth will endlessly entertain your child with adorable animals they control while educating them on simple actions to protect the planet and reduce utility... Read more


Submitted Tue 18 Nov '14
Check-in. Travel. Score!

Passenger lets you keep track of your trips, share them with your friends, collect travel miles and unlock achievements as you go. Using Passenger, you can log any trip -... Read more

Friendly Eco Might

Submitted Sat 19 Apr '14
Get all the information regarding environmental...

Get all the information regarding environmental issues, conservation methods, role of technology in environment, endangered and extinction of species on this site... Read more

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