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Environment, health and safety for small business

Synaptor Observations Manage health, safety and...
Review posted Mon 20 Feb '12

It's reasonably easy for large companies to keep their health, safety and environment conditions under control. They can afford to just go out and hire a team to oversee it. But what can the concerned small or medium size business do to put their own house in order? It's not like they can afford to splash out on an environmental and health and safety team and it's going to be hard to get your overworked small team to take it on  alongside their regular work. Synaptor Observations could well fill that void. It's a complete environmental and health application for ... Read more

Environmental Apps

Bert Earth

Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
New app enlists children in the fight against...

Bert Saves the Earth will endlessly entertain your child with adorable animals they control while educating them on simple actions to protect the planet and reduce utility... Read more

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  • Bert Earth
    New app enlists children in the fight...
    Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
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    Submitted Sat 19 Apr '14
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    Renewable Energy Jobs Search For...
    Submitted Thu 16 May '13
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    The Sustainability Network
    Submitted Tue 29 Nov '11

Friendly Eco Might

Submitted Sat 19 Apr '14
Get all the information regarding environmental...

Get all the information regarding environmental issues, conservation methods, role of technology in environment, endangered and extinction of species on this site... Read more

Renewable Energy Jobs

Submitted Thu 16 May '13
Renewable Energy Jobs Search For Traveling...

Search for renewable energy jobs across the United States with this web app. Jobs are updated on a daily basis. App includes zip code radius search to limit results closest to... Read more


Submitted Wed 13 Feb '13
Have Fun Saving Our Seas!

EnviroPop is the product of the awesome collaboration between the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) and AppLabs Digital Studios. As WWF's first mobile application,... Read more

Wizness Publisher

Submitted Tue 4 Dec '12
Wizness Publisher helps you create an interactive...

The Wizness Publisher helps you create an interactive Sustainability Report and share it with all of your stakeholders! Forget the annual 100 pages PDF reports. Present your CSR... Read more

Beach Whale

Submitted Sat 3 Nov '12
Save the whales

In Beach Whale, players take control of whales, collect fish, fight enemies, and battle against massive bosses. With fish, players can unlock new worlds, buy unique whales,... Read more


Submitted Sat 18 Feb '12
Take Recycling to the Next Level

iCanRecycle is a virtual can crushing app. And, the best part is you can take any stored image or take a picture with your iPhone camera and apply it to the can, then crush away!... Read more


Submitted Tue 29 Nov '11
The Sustainability Network

Wizness is an online platform that allows people and organizations to work together to solve sustainability business challenges. Wizness features intuitive services that help... Read more