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Everything you need to take your retail store online

Gazelle Point-of-Sale Web-based Point of Sale with...
Review posted Thu 13 Dec '12  ·  29 comments

FeedMyApp has reviewed some brilliant business apps over the years but very few offer everything that Gazelle Point-of-Sale does for the small to medium-sized online shop. It offers everything from a complete inventory, customer and staff management systems all the way through to an e-commerce capability to take the retail world easily into the realm of online shopping - so essential in these changing times. Gazelle can be used simply with a Software-as-a-Service option or it can be installed directly. This cost effective set of business tools works on all browsers including iPad and could well be the e-commerce option ... Read more

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Submitted Fri 10 Oct '14
OvaFlow - Are you in full control of your data?

OvaFlow is a low cost subscription SaaS application that will enable you to manage your infrastructure data estate more efficiently and help you make informed strategic decisions.... Read more

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  • OvaFlow
    OvaFlow - Are you in full control of...
    Submitted Fri 10 Oct '14
  • SAP Recruiter Daily
    SAP Jobs in UK, USA, India
    Submitted Wed 10 Sep '14
  • PayTraq App
    Everything you need to make managing...
    Submitted Thu 14 Aug '14
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    Submitted Wed 7 May '14
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    Connecting people. Sharing data.
    Submitted Tue 9 Jul '13
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    Submitted Mon 6 May '13
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    The easiest way to run your business
    Submitted Wed 20 Mar '13
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP
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    Submitted Wed 6 Feb '13
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    Submitted Thu 15 Mar '12

SAP Recruiter Daily

Submitted Wed 10 Sep '14
SAP Jobs in UK, USA, India

Find thousands of #SAP jobs worldwide and get hired in top software companies, Cost free service for sap#consultants, #clients for effective SAP Recruitment's Read more

PayTraq App

Submitted Thu 14 Aug '14
Everything you need to make managing your...

A Cloud-based Business Suite. It's not just another online accounting or online invoicing. Everything you need is combined in one simple, integrated and effective... Read more

Pushpin Planner

Submitted Wed 7 May '14
A new way to plan - online collaborative...

Pushpin Planner allows online real-time collaborative resource planning app for agile teams. Project managers can effectively set their team's priorities and allocate members... Read more


Submitted Tue 9 Jul '13  ·  67 comments
Connecting people. Sharing data.

Suntico is a private social network that links to Sage accounting software. Implemented companywide in minutes, it provides a Facebook style interface for managing and... Read more

Affinity 360

Submitted Mon 6 May '13  ·  36 comments
All-in-One SaaS Technology for Small Businesses

Affinity 360 is an all-in-one ecosystem designed for small businesses who need a one stop solution. It integrates your entire operation into one central easy to use platform to... Read more


Submitted Wed 20 Mar '13  ·  44 comments
The easiest way to run your business

Onlulo creates simple software for the 90% of companies that don't even understand what terms like "ERP" or "CRM" mean, but still need a modern solution to run their business. We... Read more

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Submitted Wed 6 Feb '13  ·  8 comments
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business...

When looking for an ERP solution, software, or system, Microsoft Dynamics ERP empowers your people to be more productive and efficient! Read more