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Everything you need to take your retail store online

Gazelle Point-of-Sale Web-based Point of Sale with...
Review posted Thu 13 Dec '12

FeedMyApp has reviewed some brilliant business apps over the years but very few offer everything that Gazelle Point-of-Sale does for the small to medium-sized online shop. It offers everything from a complete inventory, customer and staff management systems all the way through to an e-commerce capability to take the retail world easily into the realm of online shopping - so essential in these changing times. Gazelle can be used simply with a Software-as-a-Service option or it can be installed directly. This cost effective set of business tools works on all browsers including iPad and could well be the e-commerce option ... Read more

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Osmos Cloud

Submitted Fri 4 Dec '15
Simplifying Business Management

We are changing the way that micro and small business owners manage their businesses by offering a simple, affordable and ready to use cloud ERP solution. Business management... Read more

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  • Osmos Cloud
    Simplifying Business Management
    Submitted Fri 4 Dec '15
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    Helps increase profitability up to...
    Submitted Sat 22 Aug '15
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    Dispatching HVAC, Landscape, Mobile,...
    Submitted Tue 23 Dec '14
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    Cloud ERP for SME
    Submitted Tue 9 Dec '14
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    Submitted Sun 30 Nov '14
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    Submitted Fri 14 Nov '14
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    Submitted Fri 10 Oct '14
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    Submitted Wed 10 Sep '14
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Mycroft Assistant

Submitted Sat 22 Aug '15
Helps increase profitability up to +30%

Mycroft Assistant is for you if: 1. You want to get 3 times of reduction the total value of goods locked up at the warehouse. 2. You want to get up to 20 times reduction of... Read more


Submitted Tue 23 Dec '14
Dispatching HVAC, Landscape, Mobile, Scheduling...

Field Service software Platform that transforms your company into paper free, fully automated and process driven company. Netdispatcher is a cloud solution that is a best fit for... Read more

Effia ERP

Submitted Tue 9 Dec '14
Cloud ERP for SME

EffiaSoft with the vision to change the perception about ERP, provides comprehensive and self-customizable ERP service to SME on Cloud and Mobile platform with zero upfront... Read more


Submitted Sun 30 Nov '14
OpenERP - The most wanted ERP solution in cloud.

Erpler is OpenERP or Odoo 8 cloud hosting solution. Discover the most wanted way to grove your business. There is an app for everything. Translated and localised to many countries... Read more

Cloud ERP

Submitted Fri 14 Nov '14
Cloud ERP for growing businesses

We at ERPincloud provide Cloud based ERP solution, a best fit for companies belonging to Field Service, Manufacturing, Trading & E-Commerce industry. We are headquartered in... Read more


Submitted Fri 10 Oct '14
OvaFlow - Are you in full control of your data?

OvaFlow is a low cost subscription SaaS application that will enable you to manage your infrastructure data estate more efficiently and help you make informed strategic decisions.... Read more

SAP Recruiter Daily

Submitted Wed 10 Sep '14
SAP Jobs in UK, USA, India

Find thousands of #SAP jobs worldwide and get hired in top software companies, Cost free service for sap#consultants, #clients for effective SAP Recruitment's Read more

PayTraq App

Submitted Thu 14 Aug '14
Everything you need to make managing your...

A Cloud-based Business Suite. It's not just another online accounting or online invoicing. Everything you need is combined in one simple, integrated and effective... Read more