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Tag your favorite fashion items and never miss a sale again

Shoptagr Track designer items you...
Review posted Fri 3 Jan '14  ·  267 comments

You know how it is girls, don't you? You've spotted that perfect outfit in the window of your favorite clothing store but you just can't justify spending that amount of money on it. Maybe you can check in every now and again with all the different stores to see when it goes on sale. Kinda time consuming though isn't it. Shoptagr is a fashion price tracking application that does all the leg-work for you. Just tag the item you are interested and the app will do the rest and let you know the moment it drops in price. What’s more, ... Read more

Find out of school activities easier and realize your true potential

Nurturize Nurture your potential
Review posted Wed 3 Apr '13  ·  280 comments

It seems like a parent's life takes a bit of a  back seat as soon as a child comes along and takes up the majority of their time. Trying to further yourself with classes and courses can turn into a bit of a nightmare. Half the problem isn't necessarily with the harried parent though.  Quite often the problem lies with poor website information and badly organized companies who fail to deliver the information that you need. Nurturize is a new search engine application designed for parents that makes it easier to search and find the classes and courses they need ... Read more

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Other new & related apps

The first app to generate and playback high quality face morphing video in real-time

FaceFilm Convert face photos into a...
Review posted Wed 27 Mar '13  ·  90 comments

Everyone loves a picture warping application and FaceFilm is definitely one of the better photo apps that we have seen here at the FeedMyApp office. Believe me, we've had heaps of fun with this one. So why has this app proved so popular? Well, you must have seen those short films where someone takes a face shot every day for one, ten or twenty years and strings them all together to show how you have developed and changed over the years. FaceFilm isn't going to tie you down for years on end taking self portraits but you can put a ... Read more

The role model for the ultimate shopping experience

Pickn'Tell Pickn'Tell provides fashion...
Review posted Sat 10 Nov '12  ·  27 comments

In an ideal shopping and retailing world Pickn'Tell would probably be the perfect role model for a successful shopping experience. This shopping application gives mobile customers a complete and comprehensive shopping experience while giving retailers the perfect advertising medium to not only have total contact with their audience but also to analyze the results afterwards. Pickn'Tell is a location-based app specifically designed for fashion lovers and fashion retailers where the customer can share their retail experience with friends using video and photos via your phone camera or with in-store digital mirrors.   Pickn'Tell is a location based mobile service that ... Read more

Bring out the fashionista in your photos

ThreadShare Connect, discover, and...
Review posted Tue 30 Oct '12  ·  20 comments

I have a photographer friend who undertook a project a few years ago to take a picture every day that said something about his life and would post it every day on Facebook. Luckily, he was a pretty good photographer and he posted some some great photos that said as much about his work in the fashion industry as it did about his photographic stylings. Threadshare takes that concept one step further with this free dedicated photoshare app for iPhone that is all about fashion but takes it social. Get dressed up, snap a photo, warp it to your own ... Read more

Fashion and beauty at your fingertips

Vis.A.Vis Fashion Magazine Magazine, VisAvis, Lifestyle,...
Review posted Mon 4 Jun '12  ·  21 comments

How much do you think you spend on fashion magazines every month to find out the latest fashion trends the world over? It would be pretty easy to shell out fifty bucks without hunting too hard,  I reckon. Well, here's a fashion and beauty application for iPad and iPhone  that delivers up to the date fashion trends, beautiful photography and great fashion tips and it will cost you absolutely zilch...nada...nothing...not one cent.   Vis. A. Vis. Fashion Magazine is an upscale 100% free fashion magazine that captures the changing face of America and the world. It explores how global trends ... Read more

Hair salon booking system with good reports

salonMonster Impress your clients with...
Review posted Fri 2 Dec '11  ·  22 comments

As the name suggests this one is specifically for the hair salon business and having been designed by some of those in the trade it should tint all the grey bits. As an appointment app it will certainly help get that aspect of the working week sorted out but it can do more than that. You’re never going to get the whole world to stop telephoning to book but giving customers the option to do it via your website 24/7 should cut down on a great number of them doing so. You don’t even have to have an existing website to get ... Read more

Your online fashion album

AlbumOfStyle Your online fashion album
Review posted Mon 3 Oct '11  ·  21 comments

My partner needs one of these. If I have one more conversation about not being able to wear this or that dress because it was worn at a party last year I think I will go mad. It usually ends in her going out to buy something new. AlbumOfStyle is a fashion & beauty photo share tool that gives the user a very pretty looking place to record all their style choices. Never will she wear the same outfit to a birthday party again.   AlbumOfStyle is a place to record all your style choices. It's attractively pink and simple ... Read more

Fashion & Beauty Apps

Women Saree Photo Making

Submitted Tue 24 Feb '15
women fashion dress

Welcome our new Android app…………….. women saree photo editor app. It can easily edit your images in a wonderful way and can add special effects to your images. You can install this... Read more

Baby Boy Fashion Suit

Submitted Tue 24 Feb '15
fashion suit for men

Fashion Suit for man app is ready to rock…………. Baby Boy Fashion Suit. You can install this app from Google play store on your Android phone. 30+ dresses are available for boys to... Read more

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