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Tag your favorite fashion items and never miss a sale again

Shoptagr Track designer items you...
Review posted Fri 3 Jan '14  ·  267 comments

You know how it is girls, don't you? You've spotted that perfect outfit in the window of your favorite clothing store but you just can't justify spending that amount of money on it. Maybe you can check in every now and again with all the different stores to see when it goes on sale. Kinda time consuming though isn't it. Shoptagr is a fashion price tracking application that does all the leg-work for you. Just tag the item you are interested and the app will do the rest and let you know the moment it drops in price. What’s more, ... Read more

Free, retina friendly high def wallpaper for your iDevices

Wallpaper.HD Beautiful HD Wallpapers for...
Review posted Sun 20 Oct '13  ·  357 comments

You would think that there would be enough wallpaper applications out there to fill the Titanic but, after having a look through the images compiled by Wallpaper.HD, there is always room for one more. We are constantly looking for suitable and attractive images to beautify our online presence -whether it be for our social network page, our home computer screen or our business design - and this design app for iOS certainly delivers it in spades. Wallpaper.HD delivers thousands of totally free high definition images in numerous categories that you can download and share with your family and friends via ... Read more

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  • Leather Monkeys
    Vintage retro leather biker jackets
    Submitted Wed 21 Jan '15
  • Sarafan
    Clothes search according to the...
    Submitted Tue 30 Dec '14
  • Gearbottle
    Find Streetwear Easier
    Submitted Fri 12 Dec '14
  • EasySize Size Guide For Online Shops
    Decrease your returns in online...
    Submitted Wed 26 Nov '14
  • Voguedrobe
    Best way of sharing your style
    Submitted Mon 17 Nov '14
    Share. Review. Approve
    Submitted Sat 8 Nov '14
  • beingf Inc
    Transparent and more connected...
    Submitted Mon 6 Oct '14
  • JuicyCanvas
    Social Commerce powered by Mass...
    Submitted Mon 25 Aug '14
  • Estilistas
    Digital Personal Stylist
    Submitted Sun 24 Aug '14
  • Sample Closet
    New York sample sales are in your...
    Submitted Fri 15 Aug '14

Start your fashionista journey here

Fashion Games Play the games and put your...
Review posted Fri 3 May '13  ·  546 comments

So how do you think you'd go in the fashion stakes? Have you watched enough episodes of Project Runway and America's Next Top Model to know your silk from your satin and your alpaca from angora? Fashion Games is a new app for would-be fashionistas that offers a heap of fashion-related games to test your knowledge and shopping skills and sets you on a path to maybe turn you into the next Yves St Laurent or Vivian Westwood. This fun and entertaining set of games features various levels of difficulty in taking you to the top of the fashion tree. ... Read more

Tags fashion game

The role model for the ultimate shopping experience

Pickn'Tell Pickn'Tell provides fashion...
Review posted Sat 10 Nov '12  ·  27 comments

In an ideal shopping and retailing world Pickn'Tell would probably be the perfect role model for a successful shopping experience. This shopping application gives mobile customers a complete and comprehensive shopping experience while giving retailers the perfect advertising medium to not only have total contact with their audience but also to analyze the results afterwards. Pickn'Tell is a location-based app specifically designed for fashion lovers and fashion retailers where the customer can share their retail experience with friends using video and photos via your phone camera or with in-store digital mirrors.   Pickn'Tell is a location based mobile service that ... Read more

Bring out the fashionista in your photos

ThreadShare Connect, discover, and...
Review posted Tue 30 Oct '12  ·  20 comments

I have a photographer friend who undertook a project a few years ago to take a picture every day that said something about his life and would post it every day on Facebook. Luckily, he was a pretty good photographer and he posted some some great photos that said as much about his work in the fashion industry as it did about his photographic stylings. Threadshare takes that concept one step further with this free dedicated photoshare app for iPhone that is all about fashion but takes it social. Get dressed up, snap a photo, warp it to your own ... Read more

Fashion Apps

Leather Monkeys

Submitted Wed 21 Jan '15
Vintage retro leather biker jackets

We are a UK clothing company that makes beautiful handmade leather biker jackets. Our online store also sells rare and collectable vintage leather biker jackets that date from the... Read more


Submitted Tue 30 Dec '14
Clothes search according to the picture

Most of people in their life have got more than once into such situations, when they wanted an item, as on the found picture on the Internet, from an illustration in the magazine... Read more


Submitted Fri 12 Dec '14
Find Streetwear Easier

Gearbottle is the world’s first search engine designed to cater to the streetwear industry. Many shops and boutiques with exclusive and heavily sought after gear can be hard to... Read more

EasySize Size Guide For Online Shops

Submitted Wed 26 Nov '14
Decrease your returns in online shopping and add...

EasySize is a data-driven technology defining clothes sizes and decreasing returns at online-shops. We help online-shops to save money and offer their clients a new shopping... Read more


Submitted Mon 17 Nov '14
Best way of sharing your style

With most businesses using social networks to generate traffic to their websites and increase their brand identity, Voguedrobe has decided to use social network to give people an... Read more

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