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Perfect yet simple collaboration for your team

Volerro Teamwork Simplified!
Review posted Mon 28 Jan '13

There have been some great cloud-based project management applications released over the last year. We, at the FeedMyApp offices particularly liked AtTask Mobile App, Bitrix24 and MYCO Suite and now we have another to join them. Volerro is a comprehensive set of powerful project management tools that goes under the byline of Teamwork Simplified and it's easy to see why. The app makes easy collaboration within teams and lets you create, refine and distribute every type of content securely and smoothly. it is available for web browser and the incredibly work-friendly iPad.   Volerro is simplifying the way teams create, ... Read more

Is this file sharing management app the best of the year?

PocketCloud Explore Search, view, organize and...
Review posted Thu 5 Apr '12

Well first up, let's get the plaudits out of the way. PocketCloud Explore was named Best Mobile App at the recent Mobile World Congress by Laptop Magazine and MSNBC Gadgetbox. It was also named Best App Ever by another organization. So why does utter so many accolades? Because it's the missing link that we've been looking for, that's why. Explore let's you grab all your photos, multimedia and documents on your computers while you are out and about on your smartphone. Wherever and whenever you like.   Gee, we've really moved on over the last few years when attempting to ... Read more

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  • MyAudioStream
    Play the Soundtrack to your life!
    Submitted Sat 7 Feb '15
  • Xender, File transfer and share
    Transfer files between iOS and...
    Submitted Tue 13 Jan '15
  • basefolder
    safe, secure and private
    Submitted Thu 11 Dec '14
  • Gael infotech OST to PST Converter Tool
    Convert OST file to PST with easy way
    Submitted Thu 4 Dec '14
  • PlusTransfer
    Transfer Big Files Online
    Submitted Thu 30 Oct '14
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    Passwords and Analytics on Your...
    Submitted Wed 15 Oct '14
  • ShareON
    Share Big Files in a Snap
    Submitted Tue 7 Oct '14
  • Reposi
    Data Repositories in the Cloud
    Submitted Tue 22 Jul '14
  • Stormboard
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    Submitted Tue 25 Mar '14
  • Shared
    The best things in life are shared -...
    Submitted Sat 1 Jun '13

Perfect project management

Doolphy - Project Management Software Up With Your Projects!
Review posted Fri 27 Jan '12

It's hard to imagine a more comprehensive total project management app than  Doolphy. This online set of tools is perfect for all aspects of planning and management control for all of your projects with the emphasis on collaboration and communication with your team and client. It's array of tools includes everything you will need to track everything that is going on under your virtual roof.   Doolphy is an intuitive online project management software application for planning, managing and controlling projects and tasks. It helps you in making the collaboration and communication with your team really easy.  Doolphy includes timesheets, ... Read more

A file manager for multitasking

Folder+ New In-App Multitasking...
Review posted Fri 23 Dec '11

Here is another of those apps I love that deliver way more than you think they are going to. Take a look at Folder+'s rather drab exterior and you wouldn't have a clue to what's lurking inside. So, what makes it so special, you may ask? Well, for a start, it's a file manager that actively encourages you to multitask which is a bit of a bonus it you are planning to do some audio recording and draw something simultaneously - because you can do that here.  It also has an auto-recovery feature which enables you to reclaim any documents ... Read more

A flipbook to share your memories

TwitChapterz Capture and share moments
Review posted Wed 14 Dec '11

If you've had a look at apps like the award winning FlipBoard you'll know how glorious they make all your thoughts look. Suddenly all your thoughts, updates, pictures and links look as if they have been handed over to a design company and they produce a glossy magazine based on your content. TwitChapterz is an interesting way to create and share your defining life moments in flipbook format with friends and family via your Twitter account.   TwitChapterz is an interesting way for you to create and share life chapterz and defining moments from your tweets. It lets you create ... Read more

Filesharing Apps


Submitted Sat 7 Feb '15
Play the Soundtrack to your life!

Embrace the world of music from jazz, pop, techno, punk rock and other genres with Arkuda’s top range Media Network solution – MyAudioStream! Amalgamate your music... Read more

Xender, File transfer and share

Submitted Tue 13 Jan '15
Transfer files between iOS and Android devices...

Get the easiest way to transfer files between iOS and Android device through Xender. It can also transfer files and app from one phone to other with high speed. Say Good Bye! to... Read more


Submitted Thu 11 Dec '14
safe, secure and private

With basefolder, your precious files, photos or music are at your reach always, no matter where you are. You can also upload your photos, music, videos with ease from anywhere.... Read more

Gael infotech OST to PST Converter Tool

Submitted Thu 4 Dec '14
Convert OST file to PST with easy way

Get OST to PST Solution tool which specialy desinged for conversion of Exchange OST to PST format completly. If any people want convert and move OST data to PST file then... Read more


Submitted Thu 30 Oct '14
Transfer Big Files Online

Send unlimited number of big files to any number of friends. Transfer big files free across town or to the other side of the world. is the method of choice when... Read more