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Submitted Fri 6 Feb '15
Never miss a thing.

Rescover lets you discover things you love, and reminds you when and where they come out. It has a slick and simple UI, with features such as remote notifications and the Today... Read more


Submitted Sun 4 Jan '15
movie & stat addicts unite!

Mooviestats is a place where you can log the movies and tv-shows you watched and enjoy some nifty little charts and stats based on your viewing habits. Create a (free) account,... Read more

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Submitted Wed 17 Dec '14
Watch Public Domain Movies Online

Offers public domain movies and licensed films available for direct streaming. The website also has thousands of other movie pages that have a live video search that returns... Read more


Submitted Mon 8 Dec '14
the compendium of film sets

Categorizing movies into their individual film sets isn't just a diverse and exciting possibility to look at movies, but also supports filmmakers in their work and helps media... Read more

CLZ Movies - Movie Database

Submitted Thu 15 May '14
CLZ Movies is the most popular movie cataloging...

"CLZ Movies" is the most popular movie cataloging app for Android and iOS devices. With "CLZ Movies" you can keep track of the movies you own and those that you intend to... Read more