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Fully customizable automated invoicing to save you time and money

ChargeOver Automated Subscription...
Review posted Thu 10 Jul '14

If you've ever been in the business of collecting subscriptions from customers you will already know that there are pitfalls. For a start, a percentage of credit card payments will fail for one reason or another and communication to those customers via phone or email is guaranteed to take up way too much of your time. ChargeOver takes the hard graft out of automated invoicing and recurring billing by getting rid of paper invoices and statements and replacing them with a fully customizable automatic invoicing platform that's filled with great features.   If you are looking for a flexible, extendable ... Read more

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Submitted Wed 26 Nov '14
Mobile money, accepted everywhere. Even by your...

ChimpChange is a very low cost, super easy way to instantly transfer money from you to your friends, family and businesses using just your smartphone. The person you send money to... Read more

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    Mobile money, accepted everywhere....
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Submitted Tue 21 Oct '14
Visualize your business profile in under 15...

Quickest DIY tool for creating a visual company profile. Make a ""folio"" for investors, team members and supporters. Xtensio helps startups and entrepreneurs communicate their... Read more


Submitted Tue 14 Oct '14
Life is better when we share

Cronnection is a free and ad-free marketplace created by its own users. We help them promote their skills and services, and also new or second hand objects they no longer use. In... Read more

Submitted Wed 8 Oct '14
Split bills for shared group expenses. We tell...

We tell groups with shared expenses after holidays, road trips, partys etc. who owes money to whom and how to best settle the debts. After entering everyone's name and the... Read more


Submitted Tue 12 Aug '14
Your app to organize group expenses

Debtster is a new free android app to help you organize the group expenses. Useful when travelling with friends, buying a gift… You decide the occasion, Debtster deals with the... Read more


Submitted Wed 9 Jul '14
Planwise is a free financial decision tool that...

Planwise is a free financial decision tool that helps you manage your money wisely that is focused on home affordability. It can be used anonymously or sign up with your email to... Read more


Submitted Mon 30 Jun '14
Digital Wallet for your receipts & loyalty cards

Free up extra space in your wallet by keeping your receipts and loyalty cards digitized and in the cloud using iqBoxy. It is a fast, intelligent and a secure method to store... Read more

SmartDiva - Home Management

Submitted Mon 6 Jan '14  ·  1 comment
Home management made easy

SmartDiva is an excellent solution that provides you the power to easily organize and maintain detailed information of everything you have, so that you can track every significant... Read more