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How to get your financial disputes negotiated for free

ChargeBack Get your money back
Review posted Thu 22 Nov '12  ·  64 comments

I know this sounds like its too good to be true but ChargeBack is a new financial application that negotiates payments disputes without charging you a dime. Yes, well I know it's hard to believe that a financial transaction won't cost you money these days but it's true. ChargeBack uses new technology to  bring together merchants and consumers to settle financial disputes online quickly and simply and charges nothing for the service.   The traditional chargeback process is messy, complicated and time consuming but ChargeBack turns that on it's head with its use of exciting new technology to resolve payment ... Read more

Accounts receivable without having to send the boys around

ZenCash Automatically follow up with...
Review posted Tue 15 May '12  ·  66 comments

What do you do when a customer hasn't paid the invoice and it's 90 days past due? Get on the phone? Send another letter? Send the boys in? ZenCash is a payment accounting application designed for small businesses that covers all your accounting processes from the original invoice right through to the rather painful 90 day last resort call in order to get the invoice paid.   The idea for ZenCash originated when founder and CEO Brandon Cotter, a six-time serial entrepreneur, once found himself unable to make payroll at his small business due to unpaid invoices. He spent hours ... Read more

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If only your finances could look as good as this

Bills HD Never miss a bill again
Review posted Sat 21 Apr '12  ·  21 comments

One of the bigger problems for the app developer is the ability to sell their product into the marketplace and, quite often, it is the design rather than the functionality that is the tipping point between success and failure. Bills HD is one of many personal finance applications for iPad and offers many of the services fundamental to a successful financial app. Where Bills HD may have the edge is in it's eye-catching design which may well appeal to people looking for a simple finance app to have some control over their finances.   Bills HD is a beautifully designed ... Read more

A new way of looking at personal budgeting

Budgetable The Personal Budget Has...
Review posted Wed 21 Mar '12  ·  4 comments

We all know the expression "Money is the root of all evil, "don't we? That phrase is generally only bandied about when we don't really have much of it or when it's hard to budget the money we do have. Budgetable is a new financial application with a slightly different take on the neverending monetary conundrum. Whilst it still delivers you a dollars and cents figure on the money you spend it also links to all your finance accounts and gives you an overall 'Budget Score" to show you how you are faring with your overall finances.   Budgetable is ... Read more

Keep track of your Adsense revenues worldwide

AdSenseZen Your earnings always with you
Review posted Wed 21 Mar '12  ·  21 comments

Google AdSense is a free program that empowers online publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content worldwide. But how do you make sense of how it all breaks down in each territory around the world? Well, you dont have to worry too much about that anymore as AdSenseZen is a financial analytics application for iPhone that makes it easy to keep track of your earnings wherever they are generated around the globe.   AdSenseZen brings Google AdSense Reports to life with the fastest and most beautiful iPhone app that makes it easy ... Read more

Better management of your invoicing & accounts

Invoicebus Delivers invoicing for humans
Review posted Fri 17 Feb '12  ·  29 comments

Invoicebus is one of those potentially free business and accounting applications where you think to yourself - what's the catch? It is so chock full of tools to take care of your complete financial needs you probably won't have to look elsewhere. Invoicebus manages your online finance simply and professionally and features everything from creating invoices and quotations, taxation, all your accounts in all foreign currencies and pretty well everything in between. What's more, if you are a small business, you may well not have to pay anything at all.   There is little worse in business than dealing with ... Read more

Financial Apps


Submitted Mon 3 Mar '14
Pocketbook is a free app that takes the pain out...

Pocketbook is a free app that takes the pain out of managing your money. Pocketbook makes personal finance ridiculously simple. And best of all - it's free. See your... Read more


Submitted Sun 23 Feb '14
Market Insight meets Bitcoin

Quantave is a pioneering platform empowering traders with unparalleled access to unique market data and insights, bringing Bitcoin to the forefront of analytical prowess. Read more

Boiler Room Trader

Submitted Tue 7 Jan '14
Practice Your Stock Trading Skills - 100% FREE

Want to learn how to trade on Wall Street ? Try it's simple and free of charge. The first time you login you are assigned credits or fake money worth $100,000... Read more

Budget Planner

Submitted Sun 5 Jan '14  ·  191 comments
Budget management for better surplus

Budget Planner application allows you to: Check your incomes and expenditures as they come and save/export them as CSV file. You can start with fresh budget after saving the... Read more

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