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Streamline your customer contact with better information about them

ContactMetrics Contact Forms + Actionable...
Review posted Thu 21 Nov '13  ·  205 comments

If you run a business that relies on close contact with your customers it can be frustrating and time consuming to start every conversation that you have with them from scratch. ContactMetrics gives you advance knowledge of the customer's particular circumstances when they contact you - leading to a much smoother business transition and a better understanding of their enquiry. This analytical form building application lets you create and collect contact and customer information, using simple drag and drop technology, so you can receive a detailed analysis of things like location, operating system and pages viewed so that you can ... Read more

Build your own forms to easily collect all your data

FormMule Taking the donkey work out of...
Review posted Tue 22 Oct '13  ·  326 comments

It's interesting that FormMule uses a mule as its logo because this form building application really does take the donkeywork out of the business of creating forms online for your data. In the past, it's been pretty easy to create forms to collect data of all sorts online - assuming that you have a pretty good knowledge of coding, that is. But how about the rest of us? Well, FormMule solves that problem in an instant by letting you create them for all your needs - whether that be for your business, for birthday parties and weddings or for anything ... Read more

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  • Typeform
    Typeform lets you create beautiful,...
    Submitted Sat 25 Oct '14
  • Blitzen
    Form-based workflow made lightning...
    Submitted Sat 18 Oct '14
  • FormCrafts
    Online form builder and survey tool
    Submitted Sun 20 Jul '14
  • Satsum
    Customer Satisfaction Made Simple
    Submitted Wed 28 May '14
  • Syntegrate
    Unleash your Salesforce data!
    Submitted Sat 2 Nov '13
  • Orderino
    Manage and Schedule orders online
    Submitted Sun 16 Jun '13
  • SeamlessDocs
    Make Your Paper Fly: Convert any PDF...
    Submitted Wed 1 May '13
  • BalkanConnects - Business & Social Network
    Business & Social Network
    Submitted Tue 31 Jul '12
  • 123ContactForm
    Create your web forms as easy as 1-2-3
    Submitted Wed 9 May '12
  • PHPForms
    Create web forms and surveys online
    Submitted Wed 28 Mar '12

Drag and drop form builder with style

FormBakery The easiest way to create web...
Review posted Tue 6 Dec '11  ·  3 comments

Creating bespoke web forms seems easy at first. The HTML side of things is pretty easy but as soon as you start adding a bit of style to things it starts to turn into a lengthy, laborious and time consuming task. FormBakery is an easy-to-use business app that helps you create effective and stylish web forms with the minimum of fuss and bother. FormBakery is a simple and very easy to use form generator with no sign up required. It generates human readable code, semantically marked up HTML, javascript validation, PHP server side validation and CSS for well designed forms with ... Read more

Form Builder Apps


Submitted Sat 25 Oct '14
Typeform lets you create beautiful, cross-device...

Typeform makes it easy to create and share beautifully designed online forms & surveys with great completion rates. We call them typeforms and they mix human creativity with... Read more


Submitted Sat 18 Oct '14
Form-based workflow made lightning fast

We empower teams to do more of what they love and are paid to do. Today, an increasing number of awesome B2B web apps are coming to market. They are being adopted by... Read more


Submitted Sun 20 Jul '14
Online form builder and survey tool

FormCrafts is an online drag-and-drop form and survey builder tool which allows you to make and embed gorgeous forms on your site. Read more


Submitted Wed 28 May '14
Customer Satisfaction Made Simple

Satsum is the fastest way to start managing your customer feedback and improving your service. Unlike other online survey tools, Satsum uses advanced analytics to go beyond... Read more


Submitted Sat 2 Nov '13  ·  84 comments
Unleash your Salesforce data!

Syntegrate is a new suite of productivity tools that allow you to maximize your Salesforce investment by making your organization's data available across your entire organization... Read more