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A free business network to promote your projects

Aegora The world's professional...
Review posted Mon 15 Oct '12  ·  20 comments

If I said to you that I could introduce you to a business network that helped you promote your business, network with friends and colleagues, find great new clients and manage them efficiently and then I told you that it was free you would be silly not to jump at it, wouldn't you? Well, welcome to Aegora - a professional marketplace where you can do all those things and more. Promote your business, brand or yourself if you are a freelancer Or Aegora can even be used as an employment vehicle to hire great professionals that have been recommended to ... Read more

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Submitted Thu 11 Sep '14
P2P marketplace for services is a person-to-person marketplace for services where anyone can post a task and have it completed by a reliable local performer or be the performer and earn some extra... Read more

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    Submitted Thu 11 Sep '14
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    Imagine a better way to organize your...
    Submitted Thu 11 Sep '14
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    Real sources for earning money online
    Submitted Wed 27 Aug '14
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    Submitted Mon 28 Apr '14
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Submitted Thu 11 Sep '14
Imagine a better way to organize your tasks.

Imagine a better way to organize your tasks with real time team collaboration. MeTask, based on the kanban system, with it's innovative twist will allow you to quickly get an... Read more


Submitted Wed 27 Aug '14
Real sources for earning money online is a blog that reviews and publishes guides on read and legitimate sources for earning money online. They have divided the sources into different categories... Read more


Submitted Wed 30 Apr '14
Mhelpdesk is the fastest, easiest, most reliable...

Mhelpdesk is a fast, easy and reliable way to get complete visibility over your technicians, service tickets, scheduling, and billing. It works on your laptop, smart phone, or... Read more

Music Think Fast! Tv Series

Submitted Mon 28 Apr '14

Amazing, dynamic and exciting, this is the app Music Think fast! TV Series (MTF! ). You can enjoy this app in several languages with unique features such as the multiplayer mode... Read more

Freelance Web Designer Chennai

Submitted Sat 1 Mar '14
Freelance Web Designer Chennai, Freelance web... Freelance Web Designer Chennai offers a open range of freelance designer, web services, PHP freelancer, and SEO services. If you look any website... Read more


Submitted Tue 18 Feb '14  ·  6 comments
Simple accounting for freelancers

What does it do? Tallisto is a web-based accounting/bookkeeping application. New accounts are pre-configured with the standard accounts and categories a business needs. It does... Read more

Sultan Contest

Submitted Sat 30 Nov '13  ·  1 comment
Get over thousand of designers to compete in your... is a graphics design contest system. Get over thousand of designers to compete in your logo design contest. Quality, custom made designs with 100% money back... Read more

Submitted Thu 28 Nov '13
IT job search just got easier!

It happens too often that a job lists a crucial skill (which we don't have) in text which it does not list in title, and therefore time spent reading goes to waste. This site... Read more