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Fast and efficient iPhone expense management for freelancers or small business

Falcon Expenses Fully mobile expense tracking.
Review posted Fri 6 Dec '13  ·  952 comments

We all know how difficult it seems to be for big business to track and bill expenses accurately even with their larger workforces and sizeable resources. Now, imagine how difficult and time consuming it must be for the freelancer or small business. Falcon Expenses has come up with the answer with this expense tracking application for iPhone that lets you track your full expenses without the need to keep records on your computer. Automatically track mileage, scan receipts and log billable hours and keep accurate records - all from your phone.   Falcon Expenses is the first fully mobile iPhone ... Read more

A free business network to promote your projects

Aegora The world's professional...
Review posted Mon 15 Oct '12  ·  20 comments

If I said to you that I could introduce you to a business network that helped you promote your business, network with friends and colleagues, find great new clients and manage them efficiently and then I told you that it was free you would be silly not to jump at it, wouldn't you? Well, welcome to Aegora - a professional marketplace where you can do all those things and more. Promote your business, brand or yourself if you are a freelancer Or Aegora can even be used as an employment vehicle to hire great professionals that have been recommended to ... Read more

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    Best Time Tracker for the price
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    Get paid to share your greatness
    Submitted Thu 10 Apr '14
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    Freelancers get paid small businesses...
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Submitted Sat 27 Sep '14
Best Time Tracker for the price

Time tracking, project management and invoicing software. Easy time tracking for freelancers and teams. Available for Windows, OS X, Linux and Google Chrome. Full features... Read more


Submitted Thu 10 Apr '14
Get paid to share your greatness

12ish helps passionate people make money by talking about the things they love. Set a weekly schedule and a price, and people can book a phone call with you. Both your phone... Read more

Freelancers Outpost

Submitted Sat 14 Dec '13  ·  16 comments
Freelancers get paid small businesses get made.

Freelancers Outpost is a premium freelance marketplace connecting small businesses and enterprises with a talented pool of freelance designers and developers. Read more

Sultan Contest

Submitted Sat 30 Nov '13  ·  1 comment
Get over thousand of designers to compete in your... is a graphics design contest system. Get over thousand of designers to compete in your logo design contest. Quality, custom made designs with 100% money back... Read more


Submitted Fri 22 Nov '13

thatifthis is a new and not ordinary way to barter and trade for goods, services, small tasks, professional freelancing services, and all you need or looking for. It is free,... Read more


Submitted Wed 20 Nov '13  ·  14 comments
Connecting companies and self employed sales...

CommissionCrowd is a groundbreaking sales platform that not only facilitates connections between professional self employed sales agents and companies globally, but provides both... Read more


Submitted Sun 10 Nov '13  ·  15 comments
The Marketplace made by Developers, for Developers

Currently in prelaunch, Kwikode is a new and exciting freelance marketplace that is built with its users in mind. These days it is often the case major freelance online... Read more