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Now this is how you Get Things Done

FacileThings The ultimate solution for...
Review posted Wed 1 May '13  ·  638 comments

Let's face it, this world would be a better and a far more efficient place if our personal lives were better organized. We would get far more done, things would run smoother and there would be more time to do the things that we love to do best. There are plenty of personal organization apps (known as "get things done" or GTD apps) available on the app market but I guess you have say that there are app...and then there are APPS. As far as personal productivity apps go, Facile Things is an iOS and Android app that happens to ... Read more

Organize your to-do list and get things done

kanban2go The art of getting things done
Review posted Fri 24 Feb '12  ·  39 comments

kanban2go, in initials-speak, is a task management application that organizes your TD list and helps you to GTD! Roughly translated that means that it manages your To-Do list and enables you to GetThings Done!  This free productivity tool can be used on any device to effortlessly organize, prioritize and manage your work in a small team environment and just generally make your professional or personal life less complicated enabling you to achieve stuff.   kanban2go is a visual online task management software. It lets you simplify managing your To Do lists effortlessly from any device using your intuitive mind instead ... Read more

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    RemeIO is the fastest way to schedule...
    Submitted Fri 14 Mar '14
    Organize your life around your dreams...
    Submitted Thu 6 Mar '14
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    Create shareable lists for all your...
    Submitted Thu 18 Jul '13
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    The World's Simplest To Do List App
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Submitted Fri 14 Mar '14
RemeIO is the fastest way to schedule email...

RemeIO allows people to schedule email reminders in the fastest way possible. RemeIO is about taking the tasks out of the way by scheduling them to be only seen when they need to... Read more

Submitted Thu 6 Mar '14
Organize your life around your dreams and watch...

TODOWIZ is an app which will contribute you a hand to succeed the task that needs to be done on basis of priority. It help you lighten up your task by keeping the important tasks... Read more


Submitted Thu 18 Jul '13  ·  41 comments
Create shareable lists for all your things!

The productivity space is a pretty crowded space, but only a few doing it really well. Granted we are still early doors, but the feedback we’ve had so far has been excellent. We... Read more

Stuff to Do!

Submitted Tue 22 Jan '13  ·  4 comments
The World's Simplest To Do List App

A fresh approach to how the 'To Do List' should be done on a smart phone. 'Stuff to Do!' focuse on simplicity, speed of use and allows you to 'manage your tasks your way!'... Read more


Submitted Thu 17 Jan '13  ·  5 comments
Organize everything in your life into one App!

If you have a bunch of tasks to do, a collection of recipes lying around and a few groceries you need to buy, you can now organize everything in one easy place! Don't keep... Read more

Buddy Bird ToDo

Submitted Mon 14 Jan '13  ·  23 comments
Talking Todo App - Tells you what to do.....

****** UPDATE: ******. UPDATE. ***** The latest update of Buddy Bird ToDo has the following fixes : * Bug fixes for iCloud issues  * Due to popular request, a tutorial... Read more

Do it Right

Submitted Mon 10 Dec '12  ·  22 comments
Organize your tasks intelligently group and add...

Manage your daily tasks in a fast and simple way. Do It Right allows you to group your tasks into lists and manage them separately. You can add your tasks: text notes, voice... Read more