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A simple to use set of small business management tools that can make you more productive

OElite Platform Your technology partner and...
Review posted Mon 22 Dec '14

One of things that has been holding back small business when it comes to having an online presence has been lack of technical knowledge. Many business owners are technically challenged by website builders and CRMs, feel that they just don't have the computer skills to maintain them properly or figure that they are just too damned expensive to justify. If they do attempt to enter the online world they will generally cherry pick cheap, individual services and hope that they will all work together somewhere down the line. OElite Platform offers a cost effective set of small business management tools ... Read more

A powerful CRM where you can cherry-pick the features that you need

Sellsy The best tool to manage your...
Review posted Wed 25 Jun '14

I think we can all agree that there are enough Customer Relationship Management applications (or CRM's for short) out there to fill the Titanic. Some are huge, all-encompassing apps that are mightily powerful and filled with features while some are more modest. Sellsy offers something slightly different than most. While it offers a comprehensive set of tools that include invoicing, time tracking and a helpdesk as well as team and inventory management, Sellsy is a 'Software as a Service' app so you can pick and choose which services you need at any given time. This gives smaller businesses the benefit ... Read more

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    Submitted Tue 20 Jan '15
    Turn Gmail into a helpdesk
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Get your complaints dealt with to the betterment of all sides

GripeO A Better Way to Complain
Review posted Tue 4 Mar '14

They say that for every person that physically complains about a service you provide or a product that you sell, there are at least six others that don't. They just tell their friends...who tell their friends...who tell their friends. The fact is, having people complain about your business is not a bad thing. It gives you the opportunity to put things right and to establish a good rapport with customers. GripeO is a free customer support and help desk for web and mobile that makes the complaining procedure easier by changing the way we do it. It aims to work ... Read more

Helpdesk Apps

help to children

Submitted Tue 20 Jan '15
Help to Children, Help, Help the Children,... V4help is a nonprofit organization founded in 2010. Our mission is to support child welfare activities across the world. We work toward our... Read more

Submitted Fri 19 Dec '14
Turn Gmail into a helpdesk

Keeping™ is the world’s first helpdesk that works inside Gmail. Keeping™ is a Gmail extension that adds helpdesk functionalities to any Gmail or Google App... Read more

Submitted Tue 16 Dec '14
Agile Customer Interaction hub

More and more businesses are realizing the importance of Customer Experiences to their business and how it is impacted by their employee engagement. The entire customer... Read more


Submitted Wed 22 Oct '14
Simple and efficient email support tool

SupportYard is a web application that converts all inbound email requests into simple tickets and keeps them organized in one place. It is suitable for support, sales and any... Read more


Submitted Sun 19 Oct '14
Achieve sustained operational excellence with...

EZPro is a cloud-based service management software. EZPro automates and simplifies incident, service, problem and change management for service desk and other operations. EZPro... Read more

Hospital Management System

Submitted Fri 19 Sep '14
Hospital Management Software

Hospity Service Use To Create A Hospital Management System for Clininc,Medical,Pharmacy Management For Hospitals Read more