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It's a 21st Century next generation interactive city entertainment guide

WikiDo WIKI DO: Things to Do today...
Review posted Thu 20 Dec '12  ·  78 comments

I wonder how many of you know what's going on in terms of entertainment in your city tonight. You'll probably think you have a pretty good idea but it's actually fairly difficult to get a grip on the multitude of events that are happening every night in a major city unless you buy an evening newspaper, the local 'whats on' guide and then check a few local Internet sites. Wikido is a very flexible  geolocalization-based entertainment search engine that hunts down all the entertainment in your city from countless websites whether it be a concert, a rodeo or sports event. ... Read more

Get planners with local knowledge to plan your trip

tripnirvana Marketplace for trip planning
Review posted Tue 4 Sep '12  ·  42 comments

TripNirvana could be described as the vacation planner for the lazy holiday-maker but that really wouldn't be doing it justice. Where this app differs from the many other travel guides is in its personality and personalities. TripNirvana have teamed up with over 500 travel experts to provide a personalized holiday marketplace anchored by the knowledge and expertise of the experts that come along for the ride (er...not literally but certainly  in spirit.)  Just build a skeleton of the trip you wish to take and TripNirvana will connect you with a planner with local knowledge to make sure your trip fulfills ... Read more

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Find pet-friendly US hotels for you and your four-legged friends on the road

PaWuv Find a pet-friendly hotel for...
Review posted Fri 17 Aug '12  ·  20 comments

You might remember an app that FeedMyApp reviewed a few months ago called Embarkly which listed good kennels for your pet when you go on holiday. PaWuv takes the search one step further by listing thousands of pet-friendly hotels over the length and breadth of the United States ensuring Butch and Sundance have as an enjoyable holiday as you do. Pawuv is an iOS application that lists all the information you will need to make a better informed decision on hotels that happily accept animals as well as yourself. It is fully searchable by acceptance policies and location as well ... Read more

A paperless next generation staff leaver planner

Timetastic A nicer way to book time off
Review posted Thu 5 Jul '12  ·  20 comments

If you are a 'canny' small business person with an app-friendly mentality you will probably have utilized all the amazing free apps that are available for you to help you run your business smoother and more efficiently. If you have a modicum of computer skills (and, I presume you do if you are reading this) you would be crazy not to take advantage of them to give you a leg up over your competitors. Timetastic is another one of those simple yet effective business tools - its an online staff leave planner - that it would be silly to ignore. ... Read more

A handy and easy checklist when you pack

TripList TripList - The app for...
Review posted Mon 25 Jun '12  ·  22 comments

Regular readers here might have seen the FeedMyApp review recently of the travel checklist and organization app Packing Pro and how we gushed over that essential holiday app. TripList is another fine easy to use holiday checklist that is driven by a powerful engine and provides a complete rundown of everything you will need for your holiday or overseas trip. Trip List is packed with useful travel tools but it is the ability to check off the stuff you are taking as well as the stuff you are bringing back that's going to make it a very useful travel application. ... Read more

Intelligent global hotel searching The best hotels at the best...
Review posted Sat 31 Dec '11  ·  23 comments

The way we choose the hotels we stay in around the world is definitely changing with the technology that's available these days. Up until now it's been a case of trawling through sites and comparing prices and locations for your given destination. HotelMaps is a simple to use travel and map app that changes things somewhat by delivering an informative overview of the best accommodation available in your desired location and with room prices at your fingertips.   Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure this year, location will be a key factor in choosing a hotel. Is the ... Read more

Real Cards, Personalized and Delivered

Oh Greetings Cards Real Cards, Personalized and...
Review posted Mon 7 Nov '11  ·  4 comments

There are heaps of virtual greetings cards sites on the Internet. If you've got a birthday or a valentine card to send it's pretty easy to google one up in a second. It's a bit impersonal though, isn't it? It would be much better if you could send a REAL card with the same simplicity. Oh Greetings Cards is a social holiday tool where, for the same price as a trip to the local store, you can send a real, personalized greetings card to anyone the world over. allows users to send real, personalized greeting cards anywhere in ... Read more

Holiday Apps


Submitted Fri 16 Jan '15
Online staff holiday planner that also does your...

When your small business reaches a certain size, tracking employee holidays starts to become a burden. So you might think about signing up for an online holiday tracker or staff... Read more


Submitted Mon 5 Jan '15
Only 5% of most player can get 20 point after...

Mr. Snail is coming home for Christmas. Running, flipping with Mr. Snail and get high score if you can. Only 5% of most player can get 20 point after first 2 hour playing this... Read more

Paper Parcel

Submitted Tue 16 Dec '14
Send a card to someone special. is a web app designed to make the card sending process simple, fast & easy. With a standard rate of $5 a card, shipping & tax included, the card can be sent to... Read more

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