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Drag and drop your furnishings and fittings with superior 3D home design

RoomSketcher 3D home and interior design...
Review posted Sat 22 Feb '14  ·  9 comments

The US housing market is well in the swing of recovery now after the trauma of the GFC a few years back. Houses are being built at an alarming rate all over America and this situation always leads to a hike in the home renovation business too. Add that to the plethora of reality renovation shows on TV these days and you have a market for an app like this one. RoomSketcher is a 3D home design application for amateurs and professionals that lets you design properties and create floor plans quickly and easily. It uses simple drag and drop ... Read more

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Tag your favorite fashion items and never miss a sale again

Shoptagr Track designer items you...
Review posted Fri 3 Jan '14  ·  267 comments

You know how it is girls, don't you? You've spotted that perfect outfit in the window of your favorite clothing store but you just can't justify spending that amount of money on it. Maybe you can check in every now and again with all the different stores to see when it goes on sale. Kinda time consuming though isn't it. Shoptagr is a fashion price tracking application that does all the leg-work for you. Just tag the item you are interested and the app will do the rest and let you know the moment it drops in price. What’s more, ... Read more

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    Submitted Tue 3 Mar '15
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    Nuzhat Zari, Sunil Kumar Sahoo,...
    Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
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    Submitted Sat 24 Jan '15
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    Submitted Thu 11 Dec '14
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Turn your iPad into a fire alarm when you are away from home

FirstFireAlert Just a dollar to safeguard...
Review posted Sat 26 Oct '13  ·  421 comments

The iPad has really come of age over the last couple of years. When it started off it was really only promoted as a fun piece of entertainment. Then it transformed the kids game market with absolute user-friendliness for younger users. It then turned into a very useful business tool - to the point where you could virtually run your whole organization from it. Now we see the iPad as a device to safeguard your home. No, I don't mean by turning it into a virtual guard dog (though I'm sure there is an app for that.) FirstFireAlert is a ... Read more

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Submitted Tue 3 Mar '15
Shop with your neighbors for home-related deals

Loq-ly brings groups of neighbors together with small businesses, so workers travel less and customers save money. Read more


Submitted Mon 2 Mar '15
The Best Cooking Assistant In The Kitchen

Over 1000 recipes from all over the world with gorgeous photos. Mouth watering main dishes, salads, beverages, desserts, cakes, pastries, soups and more... - Over 1000 recipes... Read more

Flash Light or Torch (Dancing)

Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
Nuzhat Zari, Sunil Kumar Sahoo, Flashlight, Flash...

This is a simple Flash light/Torch light application which provides following features to the user. Features 1) Switch on/off Torch/Flash light in simplest way 2) Switch screen... Read more


Submitted Sat 7 Feb '15
Watching your favorite movies, music videos, and...

Media Center Video Player makes the procedure of watching your favorite movies, video files and musical clips enjoyable and easy! Fuse your video watching experience by using... Read more


Submitted Thu 5 Feb '15
On Demand moving help from local college students

Bellhops is a Web App, Ios App, and Android App to help residential customer order on-demand moving help from some local college students. Why try and lift everything yourself... Read more


Submitted Sat 24 Jan '15
Intelligent Home Design

DraftingSPACE makes good home design accessible. This software automatically produces bathroom layouts tailored to your space, big or small. Designs can be viewed in 3D and... Read more

Keyplan 3D

Submitted Thu 11 Dec '14
3D floor plan creation, Build a Real House....

Keyplan 3D, our new house and interior designer is built on top of a unique technology unleashing features never seen before. It is a simple to use, useful and fun App to help... Read more