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The first rule of Coworfing is to find cool and creative local people

Coworfing Find the best places to work...
Review posted Sun 29 Jul '12  ·  23 comments

The first thing i have to say about this social geolocalisation and networking application is remember the name because you might be hearing it a lot in the near future. Coworfing is a fascinating concept of an idea that encourages freelance workers and entrepreneurs to physically get together and share their cool workspaces with like minded individuals. But this is not simply an office space sharing situation. Coworfing aims to provide coworking spaces where ideas will flow, you can meet new creative people and get fresh viewpoints on your problems.   Coworfing is a place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, students and ... Read more

A dream come true for web editors

Enso Cloud (Formerly Enso CMS) A Cloud CMS Built for Web...
Review posted Mon 4 Jun '12  ·  82 comments

Enso Cloud is kind of a dream come true if you are wanting to maintain and edit items of your website and you do not have the skill or knowledge to deal with complicated codes. This cloud based customer management system (CMS) features on-site editing, simple HTML templating and managed hosting but it's the editing capabilities that sets it apart from many similar applications.  Edit your work purely by turning it on and blue outlines appear around anything that is editable making things oh-so-easy for the inexperienced client.   Enso Cloud is a web design, hosting and CMS application that ... Read more

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    Submitted Tue 17 Mar '15
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    Zappos for Web Hosting
    Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
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    Host Websites using Dropbox
    Submitted Fri 9 Jan '15
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    Empower Yourself
    Submitted Thu 16 Oct '14
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    Keep up with Kathy
    Submitted Mon 15 Sep '14
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    Submitted Mon 25 Aug '14
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    Submitted Fri 15 Aug '14
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    Submitted Fri 25 Jul '14
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Design your own website cheaply and simply

Free Web Design Apps Free Web Design Apps on the...
Review posted Sun 11 Mar '12  ·  3 comments

Free Web Design Apps seems to tell one side of it's story in it's name. On the one hand, it's a free set of web design tools to put together a quality website with minimum effort and precious few design skills. But on the other hand it provides a paid version that offers a very professional all-in-one website builder with domain name services, unlimited hosting, customized branding, consultation and over 2000 designs and 120 pre-built website templates that make it a very easy way to get started.   Here is a set of free website design tools for the curious ... Read more

Fast and simply image hosting

Imgbox Fast, simple image hosting
Review posted Tue 13 Dec '11  ·  18 comments

Quite simply, if you are looking for an image hosting tool for your blog or website it would be hard to go past this one. ImgBox's main claims-to-fame are undoubtedly it's rapid fast uploading and downloading speeds and it's unlimited storage space but it also features a range of tools to make your blog or website perform as beautifully as a Mustang on the open highway.'s quick!   ImgBox is a new image hosting tool perfect for hosting images for your website, blog, forum or even your eBay auction. With unlimited storage space and unlimited storage time your images ... Read more

Hosting Apps

Submitted Tue 17 Mar '15
Hassle-Free Dropbox-Powered Web Hosting

Dropbox has done an amazing job building a product that everyone knows and everyone uses and everyone loves. We all use Dropbox to store and share documents, designs and all... Read more


Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
Zappos for Web Hosting

Decibite offers non-technical entrepreneurs the benefits of owning a server without the headache of maintaining one. 1. Direct technical support 2. Full resource accountability... Read more


Submitted Fri 9 Jan '15
Host Websites using Dropbox

Yoozon is a tool that allows Web Designers to publish websites without dealing with any server setup at all. DNS, Database, Email accounts and other setups are automated and... Read more


Submitted Thu 16 Oct '14
Empower Yourself

Verlocal is a social platform that promotes local activities within your communities. It allows people all over the world to share their common interests with one another on a... Read more

Kathy McClary

Submitted Mon 15 Sep '14
Keep up with Kathy

The official app of Kathy McClary. Stay connected with Kathy's music, books, videos, podcasts, and a variety of resources from Kathy McClary . Watch live streaming stay updated on... Read more


Submitted Mon 25 Aug '14
Raidboxes provides you with the best Managed...

German WordPress hosting for agencies, blogger, designers & startups. German WordPress hosting. Built from the ground up for bloggers, creative agencies, designers and startups. Read more

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