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Startific Startific, the could homepage
Review posted Mon 3 Jun '13

It's probably the introduction of devices like smartphones and tablets that have brought about the likes of an app like Startific. iPhones and iPad have their apps lined up so neatly and precisely within the interface that we now realize how pleasant and efficient it is to have all our accessible information laid out at our fingertips via their colorful icons. Startific is a beautiful, functional and customizable startpage where you can import and organize all your most important links, bookmarks, icons and widgets so that they are now just a fingertip away from access.   Startific is a very ... Read more

Everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese animation

Anime Doctor World's Largest Anime...
Review posted Sun 23 Sep '12

No, Anime Doctor isn't a virtual medical app where you can submit your ailments for online appraisal nor is it the home of an online vet. For the uninitiated, Anime began as a Japanese art form from the early part of the 20th Century. However, since the 1960's it has become one of the fastest moving and most influential art movements of our time. Anime, and the  Manga magazines that put it on the street, reflects populist art and design that has not only inspired much of Disney's recent work but often gives an insight into Japanese society that is ... Read more

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Other new & related apps

World's coolest free icon search engine and directory

IconWanted.Com World's coolest free icon...
Review posted Fri 7 Oct '11

You know you go into those cool trinket shops that are just filled with thousands of nick-nacks and bits and pieces and you find yourself spending ages going through all the great stuff in there? Each corner you turn reveals a new plethora of delights. Well, IconWanted.Com is the icon equivalent of the trinket store. If you're looking for free icons for your software, mobile or website then they are all here for you.   As the name suggest, IconWanted.Com is a very popular icon search tool where people go when they need free icons for their software, mobile apps, ... Read more

Icons Apps

Evil Rebus Cryptic Word Puzzles, Riddles, Catchphrases and Brainteasers Quiz

Submitted Fri 13 Mar '15
Insanely addictive word puzzles that will get you...

Get your brain thinking in new ways with these brain twisters. With over 200 puzzles you'll have no shortage of challenges that the whole family can enjoy with the Evil Rebus... Read more

Erratic-Zooper Template

Submitted Wed 18 Feb '15
Customize Your HomeScreen in the Best Way...

Disclaimer This is not a standalone App. Zooper Widget Pro has to be Installed on your Phone/Tablet. Erratic Erratic Zooper Template is a skin designed for Zooper Widget Pro. The... Read more

Squid Ink Flat Icon Pack

Submitted Sat 14 Feb '15 is an exclusive shop that offers great... Flat Icon Pack offers 2000 handcrafted, consistent and pixel-perfect icons ready to use. Our icons have been specially built to match the current design trends and to... Read more

Flat Icon Maker

Submitted Thu 1 Jan '15 is a free flat icon maker and... is a free flat icon maker and generator. Over 2,500+ flat icons available for your projects. Create your own royalty free flat icons. Just choose an icon shape,... Read more

Flat Icon Creator

Submitted Tue 25 Nov '14
create flat icon for free

Flat Icon Creator is a free flat icon maker tool with which you can create flat icons for your mobile and web based projects with more than 3000 icons to choose from. Read more

My Puzzle World Italy

Submitted Thu 16 Oct '14
Cool way to learn, share and get fun!

Welcome to a new world of challenges and excitement with the new app that ZDZ has for you. From our family of MTF games! (Music Think fast! ), we introduce you a new version that... Read more

Milk Hunt

Submitted Fri 5 Sep '14
The most Entertaining Educational Game ever!

Kando, the zippy Kangaroo, needs your help as he travels across Australia in an adventurous hunt for milk! Roll, jump, glide, bounce, fly & swim across Australia as you help... Read more

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