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Create unique competitions to engage and encourage more followers

BeeLiked Social Pollination
Review posted Fri 19 Oct '12

One of the 'great leaps forward' of recent times in the world of apps has been the unabashed realization that social media advertising can really work for you. The second giant leap has been the provision of great business tools to monitor, market, promote and analyze your campaigns through your favorite social networks. BeeLiked is a new social media marketing platform that specializes in running engaging and easy to create competitions of various sorts. The idea is to keep your customers satisfied whilst offering a chance to increase your return on income.   BeeLiked is a new social media marketing ... Read more

Keep in touch with friends and colleagues in real time

Glassmap The coolest way to show your...
Review posted Mon 2 Jul '12

When you think about it, Glassmap owes as much to the Starship Enterprise as it does to evolving geolocation technology. All this comprehensive GPS and communication application needs to complete it is a button that says "Beam me up Scotty" and it would fit nicely on Spock's utility belt. Glassmap goes under the title of a geolocation device but, in reality, it's way more than just that. Not only does it let you share your exact location with friends but there are also tools to share photos in real time, co-ordinate meetings, chat messaging and VoIP. In fact, pretty well ... Read more

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  • Bitium
    Provider of enterprise-class Single...
    Submitted Thu 5 Mar '15
  • ID Card Workshop
    Membership management and ID card...
    Submitted Mon 12 Jan '15
  • SuperLiked
    SuperLiked is about professionals and...
    Submitted Thu 1 May '14
  • IDBuddy
    Your 24/7 ID Manager
    Submitted Mon 28 Jan '13
  • Vash
    Your Life in One Page
    Submitted Tue 20 Nov '12

The future of online verification

MiiCard Have a digital password
Review posted Mon 19 Dec '11

Miicard could well be the future of online verification. With fraud at an all-time high and criminals constantly looking for new ways of ripping off the intrepid  internet adventurer there has to be a new way of maintaining trust in your online transactions. Miicard provides you with a digital password and enables you to prove your identity to the same level that your travel passport or drivers license does. Read more

Identity Management Apps


Submitted Thu 5 Mar '15
Provider of enterprise-class Single Sign-On...

Bitium is a provider of cloud-based identity and access management solutions, including single sign-on, password management, and analytics for small, medium and enterprise... Read more

ID Card Workshop

Submitted Mon 12 Jan '15
Membership management and ID card software

ID Card Workshop is a professional and easy-to-use membership management and ID card software for businesses and organizations. With its built-in powerful multi-layer ID card... Read more


Submitted Thu 1 May '14
SuperLiked is about professionals and positive...

SuperLiked connects customers with trusted service providers like physical therapists, dentists, lawyers, teachers and more. SuperLiked empowers customers to find and share... Read more


Submitted Mon 28 Jan '13
Your 24/7 ID Manager

OVERVIEW Ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to show proof of identity and you didn't have anything with you? Solve your identity mishaps once and for all with... Read more


Submitted Tue 20 Nov '12
Your Life in One Page

Want a social resume of each of your friends? Here it is. On Vash you can browse the important moments from the lives of your friends. The idea of Vash started from us wanting... Read more