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Social Networking for Traders

TradingView Instantly share a visual...
Review posted Sun 11 Dec '11  ·  21 comments

If any of you out there have any real idea what the financial market is going to do tomorrow can you please leave a message for me at the front desk. It is without doubt, one of the more challenging ways of attempting to make a living these days and many indulge on a daily basis. So how can you maximize your chances of success. Well, here's a pretty good analogy for you. You know when that bloke down the pub gives you the name of an obscure horse to win a big race because it is training well and ... Read more

A bridge between entrepreneurs and talented parties

Rock The Post Business social network
Review posted Wed 7 Dec '11  ·  22 comments

There are an awful lot of unfulfilled ideas floating through cyberspace. Unfortunately, there seems to be more ideas being floated than there are entrepreneurial spirits to help them come to fruition. So if you have a brilliant idea it would be rather useful if there was a place you could go where the funding parties congregated. RockThePost is such a place. It is what's known as a business social network and a place where the talented individual (which I guess is you) and the entrepreneurial (and this could also be you) type can touch base to potentially take your Dream ... Read more

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Business social network platform for investment

Rock The Post Business social network
Review posted Fri 25 Nov '11  ·  21 comments

I’ve seen some of the elements available here before but usually on separate sites. This one brings them all together so that people with great ideas can find the partners they need to bring those ideas to fruition. The middle-man is normally a much derided figure in all aspects of business and this site aims to cut him out of the equation altogether (loud cheers!) and act as the bridge that brings the different parts together on a business social network platform. Read more

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Submitted Tue 17 Feb '15
Forex Signals via SMS

Forex Signals and Daily Forex News Alerts APP from FxPremiere Group straight to your cellphone via SMS & EMAIL for EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, GBP/USD & XAU/USD currency... Read more


Submitted Thu 21 Aug '14
The best way to collaborate on product...

Winddle is a collaborative platform standing at the crossroads of sourcing, production, quality control, and import/export businesses. Read more


Submitted Mon 9 Jun '14
The simplest way to invest in your favorite brand.

LoveStocks is a mobile-first retail brokerage offering commission free share investing from just $1. Everyone can Invest for Free. No fees to buy or sell stocks as we are... Read more


Submitted Fri 29 Nov '13  ·  39 comments
Planning is your best bet against chance

We all have dreams and aspirations. Goals like . How to save first $3000 for a dream vacation? . Get Married . Become debt free . Start a family and have children . Retire... Read more

UAE Business Guide

Submitted Tue 25 Jun '13  ·  26 comments
The world's first FREE one-stop-shop app for all...

What is UAE Business Guide?   UAE Business Guide is the first ever FREE one-stop-shop app for transparent, current and simple information related to licensing, registration and... Read more


Submitted Thu 1 Nov '12  ·  5 comments
Startup/Investor Discovery & Analysis

SVGrid is a startup & investor discovery/analysis platform. This vertical search web app for startups and investors is completely free to use. It's a great opportunity to see... Read more

Bullion Store

Submitted Tue 17 Jul '12  ·  3 comments
Buy gold,Buying gold,Gold bars, Cash for gold,buy...

BUY GOLD at the LOWEST GUARANTEED market prices. We are bullion dealers specializing in selling quality gold and buying scrap gold. Buy Gold for investments or get instant cash... Read more