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Forget expensive lawyer fees and create your own legal forms free

LawDeal Create DIY legal documents...
Review posted Sun 16 Feb '14

It has always left me totally flummoxed that it costs such a lot to produce true legal documents. Wills are probably the most perplexing. I've never quite worked out why such a small piece of paper can cost so much and, one has to wonder, is this a fiendish plot by lawyers who are trying to hold on to a nice little cash cow for themselves.  LawDeal is a new and totally free legal document creator that puts a dent into legal fees by letting you create your own legal forms quickly and easily.   Have you ever needed to ... Read more

21st Century staff appraisals made easy

Appraisd Ridiculously easy online...
Review posted Thu 28 Feb '13

Staff appraisals have become a bit of a regular thing over the last ten years or so, especially in larger companies. But, while it is a very useful tool to find out where your staff is going right (or wrong,) it can become a time consuming job to oversee, conduct and analyze. Appraisd is a new business management application that offers easy to use, online staff appraisal templates and performance and feedback reports to monitor your team's progress. This staff appraisal app is built to serve both large and small businesses and even offers the chance to import your own ... Read more

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Notarize your documents from the comfort of your own home

NotaryNow Notarize documents online...
Review posted Fri 24 Aug '12

I had an occasion recently where I needed some official papers notarized. I thought it would be pretty easy to organize but in the end it took me a good two days to get things signed. Everywhere I went seemed to turn into a problem as I either hadn't taken the right papers with me or they were too busy to deal with me right now. Oh for an online notary where I could do everything from my home with all my papers at arms length. The amount of time (and money) it would save me is ridiculous. Well,  NotaryNow ... Read more

Simple cost-effective time tracking

CaseFox Rich Feature Set at...
Review posted Sat 3 Mar '12

Time tracking! It's one of the most contentious elements of the whole billing process and the thing that causes moat headaches for attorneys, accountants and virtual businesses. CaseFox goes some way to solving the problem of time-based invoicing, case-tracking and the client's billing needs with this multi-user accounting, invoicing and legal app that manages to simplify the process to make for more honest and reliable accounting. It's sheer transparency smoothes the pathways between you and your clients.   CaseFox is is a cloud based application designed to help attorneys, virtual firms, accountants and other professionals like freelancers and contractors with ... Read more

Efficiency for law firms

clio Legal Practice Management...
Review posted Mon 30 Jan '12

It’s funny, but a in the minds of a lot of people the days when a lawyer’s desk was just an oversized shelf for a pile of dusty and unorganized files disappeared with the death of Dickens and his host of colourful characters. Believe me, some of them still exist in offices nationwide and it’s quite worrying to think of delicate legal matters piled high in this way. If only there was a simple system to get these guys organized. Well there is and Clio bills itself as the one for the small and solo firm. Let’s face it these are just ... Read more

Get the right lawyer

RFPattorney A smarter marketplace for...
Review posted Fri 20 Jan '12

"Better get a lawyer, son" - that's how the song goes, isn't it? Well, it's easy enough to get a lawyer alright but not so easy to get the RIGHT lawyer for you. One with the right knowledge and expertise on the case you have for them not to mention one that suits your budget. RFPattorney is a legal marketplace application that's similar to other legal apps like the recently reviewed Quigal. By utilizing the power of the Internet and social media it provides a new of connecting practicing lawyers with potential clients making it a win-win situation for all ... Read more

Legal easy and fast online contract signing

Signsquid The cool and legal way to...
Review posted Wed 18 Jan '12

There are certainly enough occasions where a signed contract needs to be provided to seal a deal. You know what some people are like...they literally HAVE to have your signed name on the dotted line. Its all down to legals really, isnt it? Well, what if there was another way of legally 'signing' a contract without the whole time consuming rigmarole of physically exchanging signed contracts. Signsquid is a business and legal application that delivers you the only legally binding signed contract online with two authentication factors. Read more

Lawyer search made easy

Quigal Find top-tier attorneys...
Review posted Wed 18 Jan '12

Here’s one with a potential double sided benefit in that it can help those people looking for a top-tier lawyer and also act as a marketing tool for those very same legal eagles. Obviously if you’re after the brains of a top-tier lawyer your requirement is unlikely to be in respect of a small family house purchase (unless it’s a mansion in Beverly Hills) or a small unpaid debt claim. In this respect the site is clearly aimed at individuals or businesses with a fairly complex legal issue who are willing to spend the going rate for proven quality. Read more

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Make the lawyers come to you..

Legal River Legal Advice at the right...
Review posted Mon 5 Dec '11

If ever there was an aspect of business life more deserving of some sort of choice then it surely has to be in matters relating to the law. Good legal advice and help, whether it be in the drafting of business documents or even representation in a Court case is never going to be cheap but at least with a number of providers to choose from you can gain some sort of control. Legal River can provide that choice and in a simple process can have the issue you need resolving in front of a number of suitable lawyers. Read more

Pretending to sue is a lot cheaper - if less fun

Webunal Bringing Justice to your...
Review posted Mon 5 Dec '11

If anyone comes up with the idea of awarding Oscars for web app demonstration videos then the two guys in this one have no need whatsoever to start polishing an acceptance speech! The performances are funny though even if a little wooden and the point is clearly put over although I’m not really convinced that I see the point. Read more

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