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Send links to your friends in seconds with no rigmarole

Linker Instantly share links to your...
Review posted Fri 7 Mar '14

I know that we've said it heaps of times before but there are really two types of great apps out there in appland. There's the all-encompassing multi faceted app that will astound you with its packload of features and then there are the apps which really only have a single function - but, boy they do it well. Linker fits into the second of those two categories. Linker is an extension tool for Chrome that lets you send links to your friends with just a click of a button rather than cutting and pasting into emails or social media.   ... Read more

Get instant access to everything you use on the internet in one page

Startific Startific, the could homepage
Review posted Mon 3 Jun '13  ·  919 comments

It's probably the introduction of devices like smartphones and tablets that have brought about the likes of an app like Startific. iPhones and iPad have their apps lined up so neatly and precisely within the interface that we now realize how pleasant and efficient it is to have all our accessible information laid out at our fingertips via their colorful icons. Startific is a beautiful, functional and customizable startpage where you can import and organize all your most important links, bookmarks, icons and widgets so that they are now just a fingertip away from access.   Startific is a very ... Read more

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Simplify and customize your social network feeds

LikeHack Your personal content curator
Review posted Fri 1 Feb '13  ·  40 comments

I've been saying for a while now that having much more than a couple of hundred Facebook friends almost turns into a full time job trying to keep up with the numerous feeds. Add that to your Twitter feeds and the rest of posts and status updates and you can start to feel a little overwhelmed by information - and most of it is probably of no interest to you whatsoever. LikeHack is a social content curator that personalizes your social network feeds giving you only the tuff you are really interested in.   LikeHack is a simple, easy to ... Read more

Get social with your fundraising

GoalsforGiving Get Active and Donate your...
Review posted Tue 13 Nov '12  ·  22 comments

It must be the most difficult time ever for fundraising these days! Governments worldwide are being forced to reduce their humanitarian exploits and families are under pressure from all sides financially and there is not a lot left to give. So now methods and pathways are required to encourage people to hand over their hard earned money to charity. GoalsForGiving is a charity application specifically designed for charitable fun runners and takes your fundraising into your social networks.   Goals for Giving is a way for fundraisers to raise awareness of their charities by using social networks. While training for ... Read more

Links Apps


Submitted Wed 18 Mar '15
Simplest way to track, optimize, and report your...

LinkValueX helps SEO’s optimize their link building efforts, while also empowering them with an accurate reporting model for the value they create. Often times as SEO’s, we... Read more


Submitted Sat 7 Mar '15
Publish Hyperlinks!

A website meant as an alternative to Pastebin, with hyperlinks enabled. Submit a mix of text and hyperlinks, the links will be made clickable automatically. Some features... Read more


Submitted Mon 1 Dec '14
The most affordable lawyer available

The Brooks Law Firm is a law firm dedicated to representing those faced with legal issues simple or complex and require an advocate within the system and an attorney whom... Read more


Submitted Sun 12 Oct '14
Create Top 10 of books, movies, music and...

Create Top 10 of movies, books, music and videogames and share the with your friends. Very fast. Very simple. You can tag your friends and pass the nomination or you can simply... Read more


Submitted Wed 24 Sep '14
Turn External Links into Traffic for Your Website

Linksed enables each external/outbound link from your website / blog to show your customized message and call-to-action within the destination page. This provides bounced out... Read more


Submitted Tue 19 Aug '14
Organize the web your way

GoCinchy is a simple yet efficient bookmark manager to organize your bookmarks the way you want. Using GoCinchy, You can broadly classify your bookmarks into various customizable... Read more