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Discover museums, culture, historic places and the weird and wonderful wherever you visit

Mused Find great cultural and...
Review posted Fri 4 Dec '15

If i asked you which was the more popular entertainment for American families between major league sporting events, theme parks and museums, my guess is that you wouldn't pick museums. They have long been considered to be a bit old hat and stodgy and full of nothing but ancient relics. Surely no kid would want to see that, would they? Well, according to a 2011 study, there are over 850 million visits to museums each year. That's just about the same amount as the other two put together. Museums are actually very popular, it seems. Read more

A simple and effective app to help prevent parking tickets

Parking dot RIP Parking.RIP makes parking...
Review posted Mon 9 Nov '15

Is there anything more frustrating and completely pointless for a motorist than getting a parking fine? We all know that half the time it's simply a revenue earner for the company or local jurisdiction and it doesn't seem to matter too much whether you are one minute or one hour over your time limit. Parking inspectors take little notice and the fine seems to be exactly the same. Parking.RIP is a new GPS based app for Android and iOS that helps in a number of ways and makes parking fines history. Read more

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  • wherbouts
    This app is a simple way of knowing...
    Submitted Sat 6 Feb '16
  • GeoZilla Family Locator
    Stay together when miles apart!
    Submitted Mon 25 Jan '16
  • shoppii
    Shoppii will find the coolest deals...
    Submitted Tue 19 Jan '16
  • FiTurtle
    The Awesome You
    Submitted Fri 8 Jan '16
  • MetaLocator
    Simply, the most complete store...
    Submitted Tue 15 Dec '15
  • Touchkin - StayClose
    The future of care for families:...
    Submitted Mon 30 Nov '15
  • YarnYard
    Anonymous Chat with the people around...
    Submitted Wed 11 Nov '15
  • Smartcasual
    Business Networking Made Easy
    Submitted Tue 4 Aug '15
  • Vueport
    Veuport- your window into the world!
    Submitted Wed 15 Jul '15
    India Smart address
    Submitted Fri 3 Jul '15

Change the way you interact with people and events online

Why.Not? Why.Not? Lets go change the...
Review posted Sat 29 Aug '15

I guess that, if you had to nail Why.Not? down, you could call it spam in reverse. But there's a big difference between this new social networking app for Android and old school information sharing. Here, you have total control over the content and information that you access and interacting with. Why.Not? let's us see all the interesting events and people that surround us but gives you the opportunity to see them on our terms and under our control. What's more, you can deal with your interactions immediately because they are only visible for one day. Unless you want to ... Read more

Location Apps


Submitted Sat 6 Feb '16
This app is a simple way of knowing the...

This app is about letting someone know your wherbouts or asking theirs. I pick up my son, Kevin (12) everyday from school. He gets really anxious when he doesn't see me and... Read more

GeoZilla Family Locator

Submitted Mon 25 Jan '16
Stay together when miles apart!

GeoZilla Family Hub is a battery-friendly solution that empowers family members to be close when they are miles apart. Uniting over 50 thousand families in just 6 months after... Read more


Submitted Tue 19 Jan '16
Shoppii will find the coolest deals around you!

STILL SEARCHING AROUND FOR DISCOUNTS? I'TS TIME, THAT THE DISCOUNTS FIND YOU! Shoppii is a free mobile app, that will serve you as a personal shopping assistant. It will find... Read more


Submitted Fri 8 Jan '16
The Awesome You

FiTurtle is a location based app for fitness enthusiasts and trainers to connect and interact on the platform so that we can adapt to a healthier and active lifestyle. We... Read more


Submitted Tue 15 Dec '15
Simply, the most complete store locator software... is different! *Lightweight: No large postal code databases to maintain *Portable: We integrate with all types of web sites, not just PHP *Simple to install:... Read more

Touchkin - StayClose

Submitted Mon 30 Nov '15
The future of care for families: smart, social &...

Care across continents, without saying a word. Get real-time visibility of your family’s wellbeing, using a mobile-IOT platform for remote family care. StayClose tells you how... Read more

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