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A simple and effective app to help prevent parking tickets

Parking dot RIP Parking.RIP makes parking...
Review posted Mon 9 Nov '15

Is there anything more frustrating and completely pointless for a motorist than getting a parking fine? We all know that half the time it's simply a revenue earner for the company or local jurisdiction and it doesn't seem to matter too much whether you are one minute or one hour over your time limit. Parking inspectors take little notice and the fine seems to be exactly the same. Parking.RIP is a new GPS based app for Android and iOS that helps in a number of ways and makes parking fines history. Read more

Change the way you interact with people and events online

Why.Not? Why.Not? Lets go change the...
Review posted Sat 29 Aug '15

I guess that, if you had to nail Why.Not? down, you could call it spam in reverse. But there's a big difference between this new social networking app for Android and old school information sharing. Here, you have total control over the content and information that you access and interacting with. Why.Not? let's us see all the interesting events and people that surround us but gives you the opportunity to see them on our terms and under our control. What's more, you can deal with your interactions immediately because they are only visible for one day. Unless you want to ... Read more

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  • YarnYard
    Anonymous Chat with the people around...
    Submitted Wed 11 Nov '15
  • Smartcasual
    Business Networking Made Easy
    Submitted Tue 4 Aug '15
  • Vueport
    Veuport- your window into the world!
    Submitted Wed 15 Jul '15
    India Smart address
    Submitted Fri 3 Jul '15
  • Park Assistance
    Find the nearest parking for your...
    Submitted Tue 30 Jun '15
  • Impulse
    Meetup for spontaneous experiences
    Submitted Fri 22 May '15
  • Place Finder
    Place Finder
    Submitted Mon 18 May '15
  • Mobiare
    Mobile devices security.
    Submitted Thu 14 May '15
  • MySingleCity
    Anonymously search and filter for...
    Submitted Wed 13 May '15
  • Ping App
    Send and receive reminders from...
    Submitted Mon 11 May '15


Submitted Wed 11 Nov '15
Anonymous Chat with the people around you

YarnYard is an anonymous social chat app that allows one on one conversations between local people, giving the users primer questions to get the conversation going. Each user... Read more


Submitted Tue 4 Aug '15
Business Networking Made Easy

Smartcasual lowers the barrier for business networking. We display all the professionals around you available for a meeting over the next 3 days, along with their LinkedIn profile... Read more


Submitted Wed 15 Jul '15
Veuport- your window into the world!

Search for videos by location from around the world. And if there isn't one available, request a video from wherever you want and watch as the replies roll in! you can request... Read more


Submitted Fri 3 Jul '15
India Smart address

Zippr is an innovative app that helps users create a unique Zippr shortcode. A combination of 4 random alphabets and 4 random numbers (ex QWER1357). Replaces the traditional... Read more

Park Assistance

Submitted Tue 30 Jun '15
Find the nearest parking for your car, bike or...

Almost everyone and at least once have had problems like: - Finding the nearest and suitable parking for your own car, bike, motorbike, etc. - Forgot the place where you have... Read more


Submitted Fri 22 May '15
Meetup for spontaneous experiences

Places and events mean nothing without new and engaging human interaction. Impulse is a social application for mobile devices that connects nearby people for engaging and... Read more

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