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Take complete control of your incoming postal mail while internationalizing your business

ClevverMail Internationalize, digitize,...
Review posted Wed 15 Oct '14

They keep telling us that physical mail - the stuff you get that comes through the post in envelopes and packages - is a thing of the past. Postal workers are being laid off right, left and center and deliveries are likely to be reduced to two or three days per week in the not-too-distant future. There are certain items, however, that can really only be delivered by post. Rather than looking at mail delivery as a behemoth destined for extinction though, it's still possible to use it as an advantage - especially in a business situation. ClevverMail is a ... Read more

Move emails, folders and multiple accounts to a new provider fast

Audriga Migrate Mail Move your email and groupware...
Review posted Fri 14 Dec '12

There are a number of reasons why people are reluctant to change over their email service. Apart from losing your precious email address that you've used for years the biggest problem seems to be the hassle of physically changing everything over to a new provider. It's roughly the equivalent of changing your bank account. Auriga Migrate Mail is a new email SaaS application that makes switching providers simply, easily and quickly.   There are many reasons why we might switch over to a  new  email provider but very few of us actually go through with it. I swear that many ... Read more

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Submitted Fri 20 Mar '15
The Automated Marketing CRM for All Businesses!

Popisto is an Automated Marketing system and simple CRM built for Small and Micro Businesses. Easy To Use, Fast To Learn, it integrates Email, Direct Mail, SMS and WebHooks into... Read more

BizViz Auto

Submitted Mon 16 Mar '15
Great mobile app. to automatically track time...

Why choose this application versus similar mobile business applications on the market? Because…This application works automatically! You don’t have to start it every... Read more

Memorize 39 Digits of Pi

Submitted Sun 15 Mar '15
You Only Need 39 Digits of Pi

Why 39 digits? You only need 39 digits of pi to measure the circumference of the observable universe within the width of one hydrogen atom. Memorize... Read more


Submitted Wed 18 Feb '15
Mailwise is a mobile email client that clears...

Mailwise is based on a patent-pending algorithm that transforms messy emails into clean and clear conversations. It automatically cleans unnecessary header information, signatures... Read more

Outlook Recovery

Submitted Wed 18 Feb '15
Recover Outlook PST File

There are many other affordable options available to restore your Outlook PST files easily. However, by using MagicSoft Recovery for Outlook Recovery tool to successfully recover... Read more


Submitted Tue 17 Feb '15
Send a gift via snail mail – Anonymously

Go old school with a snail mail gift! NOT just for Valentine’s day! But for any holiday! Heart Someone will send super cute mini hearts in a red bubble mailer via postal... Read more

Mailbox Recovery Tool for Exchange Server EDB

Submitted Thu 1 Jan '15
Recover Exchange EDB Files using Exchange Email...

Recovering single mailboxes or messages from your Microsoft Exchange Server is little bit time-consuming and sometimes it is impossible to recover the mails when EDB file is... Read more

ClearSlide Mail

Submitted Mon 15 Dec '14
Email at the Speed of Sales

ClearSlide Mail is the leading iPhone email client for sales people. It is designed to make working on mobile devices easier by allowing you to track your emails and see who... Read more

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