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Free barcode reader to put your inventory on your iPhone

Barcode-x Barcode-x simplifies your...
Review posted Thu 12 Dec '13  ·  771 comments

Of course, there are heaps of barcode readers available on the intent but here's one that is the only app that can truly say that it can replace a professional barcode reader. Barcode-x is a free business application that replaces often expensive PDA terminal systems and enables you to keep track of your inventory by turning your iOS into a mobile barcode scanner. This easy to use set of tools uses state-of-the-art technology to help track item movement and stock levels whether you run a distribution centre or a retail shop.   Barcode-x uses an intuitive and smart looking interface ... Read more

A note-taking app that you will actually want to use

NotesBox Finally a notes app worth...
Review posted Fri 19 Apr '13  ·  1118 comments

The worst problem with keeping a note taking application on your iDevice is that they never really get used. I'm still constantly astounded by friends who, despite having perfectly fine note-taking apps on their iPhone, still pull out a pen and paper when they need to take notes, phone numbers or important details down. One can only assume that the apps they have are not user-friendly enough. So when an app like NotesBox comes along it is easy to see how it could well gazump all the others and become the industry standard.  NotesBox looks like a million dollars and ... Read more

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Monitor all your domains for downtime

Dominder - websites manager The most convenient way to...
Review posted Tue 15 Jan '13  ·  37 comments

If you have just the one domain that you monitor it's not too much of a problem to see that it is running 24/7. But when you have multiple sites it's verging on becoming a full-time job to try keep track of them all. If your site is monetized and has some downtime while you aren't looking then it is costing you money and nobody wants that to happen. Dominder is a new internet management application that lets you monitor all your domains from one single easy to navigate control. This makes your workload somewhat lighter and gives you more ... Read more

Monitor downtime on your website

Appfail Exception Monitoring Built...
Review posted Thu 29 Nov '12  ·  58 comments

To steal from David Fincher's excellent film Fight Club, what's the first rule for your website? The answer is, of course, to never have any downtime. When your server or browser  is down and you don't know about it, there's a pretty good possibility that your visitors will go elsewhere and possibly not come back. Appfail is a cloud-based error monitoring system that enables online businesses to discover, diagnose and track failures in their websites and immediately let's  you know about it with an email or message straight to your device.   Organizations invest significant resources to encourage  customers and ... Read more

Manage Apps

Walli Launcher

Submitted Mon 16 Mar '15
Walli is a launcher app that has a minimalist...

Walli is a launcher app that differentiates from its competition through minimalist design and low resource consumption. Walli Launcher allows users to start any installed... Read more

Attendance Register

Submitted Sat 14 Mar '15
Keep track of the attendance of your employees

Attendance Register application helps you to keep track of attendance of your employees. Yes! Now your employee attendance register is on your phone itself. You can add your... Read more

QuickBooking Free

Submitted Thu 12 Mar '15
Best tools for company with people fighting for...

With QuickBooking Free App, just hit the room number tab you likes to reserve and select the meeting date & time. With one simple click, the meeting / conference room is... Read more


Submitted Mon 9 Mar '15
Comprehensively manage your MLM structure....

An essential tool for anyone who manages their multilevel marketing ( MLM ) structure! Finally all the data, all the summaries and analysis may be available at your fingertips,... Read more

Glextor AppManager

Submitted Sat 28 Feb '15
Glextor AppManager is an app organizer that...

Glextor AppManager will organize your existing apps by auto-grouping them based on Google Play categories and newly installed ones will be automatically categorized. Best of all,... Read more

Daily Construction Records and Managment

Submitted Thu 22 Jan '15
Manage Your Construction sides Record,avoid use...

Daily Construction Management and Records is an app for the construction side peoples.By Using this app the construction side peoples manage their record using this app... Read more

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