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A better way to monitor your website for downtime

Pingometer #1 Website Uptime Monitor
Review posted Sat 22 Nov '14

So, you've probably spent weeks and months diligently putting your website together with everything from your latest brand information to ecommerce sales. You probably think that you can relax a bit now and let the website do all the work. Uh-huh? That's a really dangerous thing to do. If something goes wrong with your website and there is downtime, you might not just lose a few sales while it isn't working. There's little more frustrating for the potential customer than a website that doesn't work efficiently and, chances are, those people won't be back. Pingometer is a top notch website ... Read more

Who said that there wasnt any such thing as a baby manual?

Review posted Sat 16 Aug '14

There's an old adage that says something along the lines of 'babies don't come with a users manual' but here's an app that goes some way to defying that. iBaby is a new free baby health monitoring application that helps parents keep track of their baby's progress from conception to birth (and beyond.) Starting when you configure and enter your due date, this customizable application will keep you constantly updated as to where things stand and how long it will be until your baby is born. It also delivers week-by-week baby development information and a progress development bar so you ... Read more

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  • trackerbuttons
    Track Your Life !!!
    Submitted Tue 29 Sep '15
  • rsearch
    Stop searching repeatedly
    Submitted Mon 20 Jul '15
  • Alcohol Cutdown Coach
    Save money. Lose weight. Cut down. Be...
    Submitted Wed 6 May '15
  • PhoneBalance
    The best app to track you prepaid...
    Submitted Wed 15 Apr '15
  • Health Log Keeper
    Live a Healthy Life with “Health Log...
    Submitted Wed 1 Apr '15
  • Family Alert
    Peace of mind at anytime
    Submitted Tue 17 Feb '15
  • DCS-Monitor
    DCS-Monitor, an app designed with...
    Submitted Mon 9 Feb '15
  • SM System Monitor
    Advanced System Information and...
    Submitted Sun 2 Nov '14
  • stackify
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    Submitted Sat 11 Oct '14
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    Submitted Sun 5 Oct '14

Filter out the tweets you aren't interested in

Tweet Category Sort tweets of a hashtag in...
Review posted Wed 19 Dec '12

I'm not so sure that the individual Twitter user will find Tweet Category particularly useful unless they are feeling a little nerdish but for business analysis it's one of those apps that's going to save you a lot of time. This social media monitoring and analysis application for iPad was designed with love and care to try and make some order out of the copious amount of tweets coming your way everyday to enhance theTwitter experience. Tweet Category sorts your tweets into preselected categories so you don't have to even think about the ones that don't interest you ... leaving ... Read more

Track your visitors' movements on your site

MouseStats The Most Professional Website...
Review posted Mon 15 Oct '12

When you are creating a website, whether you are an amateur or a professional designer, it generally comes down to the feel and look of the site that dictates how you design the interface. There are standard rules for where you put stuff on your pages but it does tend to be a bit of a judgment call as to whether the whole package 'works' or not. Or is it? MouseStats is a tracking and analytics application the delivers detailed heat maps and analysis of all the mouse activity on your site to see if the positioning and information of ... Read more

Monitor all your websites free 24/7 Free Website Monitoring
Review posted Fri 7 Sep '12

You used to have to constantly keep one eye open to make sure your website was running up to scratch but now, with the introduction of tracking tools, you can automatically check to see  whether all is well from any desired location. But StatusCake goes one step further. This website monitoring service checks your any number of sites for performance and downtime every five minutes from different places the world over to make sure you know if anything goes wrong. If there are issues, StatusCake will send you immediate notification.   It is important to know when your website is ... Read more

Monitor Apps


Submitted Tue 29 Sep '15
Track Your Life !!!

A very simple app but yet to see anything similar on App Store – this makes us think that this app is unique. The problem the App addresses – 1. There are specialist... Read more


Submitted Mon 20 Jul '15
Stop searching repeatedly

Rsearch is used for monitoring web presence and discovering relationships. For example, someone in marketing might want to enter the name of a company and get updates when... Read more

Alcohol Cutdown Coach

Submitted Wed 6 May '15
Save money. Lose weight. Cut down. Be alive.

The Alcohol Cutdown Coach is a simple to use but great new app which helps you to concentrate on the drinks that you DON'T have, instead of the drinks you DO have. It helps you to... Read more


Submitted Wed 15 Apr '15
The best app to track you prepaid balance! Uses...

PhoneBalance is the best app to check your balance! If you use USSD codes like *222# or send a SMS to your carrier to check your balance, you can use it easily! It is a beautiful,... Read more

Health Log Keeper

Submitted Wed 1 Apr '15
Live a Healthy Life with “Health Log Keeper”

Live a Healthy Life with “Health Log Keeper”, an easy and effective health managing app. Features: - Keeping a Count of Carbohydrates (Add food from list) - Logging... Read more

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