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Discover the natural sounds of new places to travel

Sound Paths Audio-travel app that plays...
Review posted Mon 28 Oct '13  ·  225 comments

Regular FeedMyApp readers will know only too well how much we love a good travel app. Most of them tend to follow a path of discovery of new places and tell you all the exciting things to do when you get there. But this one is different! Sound Paths is a unique audio travel guide for iOS that offers you genuine 'in-situ' soundscapes that have been recorded in many of the world’s most amazing places. Rather than offering pretty pictures to lure you to a new exotic destination, this travel app offers various natural sound bites, like wild animals or ... Read more

Free, retina friendly high def wallpaper for your iDevices

Wallpaper.HD Beautiful HD Wallpapers for...
Review posted Sun 20 Oct '13  ·  357 comments

You would think that there would be enough wallpaper applications out there to fill the Titanic but, after having a look through the images compiled by Wallpaper.HD, there is always room for one more. We are constantly looking for suitable and attractive images to beautify our online presence -whether it be for our social network page, our home computer screen or our business design - and this design app for iOS certainly delivers it in spades. Wallpaper.HD delivers thousands of totally free high definition images in numerous categories that you can download and share with your family and friends via ... Read more

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Max Fruit

Submitted Sat 16 Aug '14
The best android game

This is a free run game style for Android. It's a simple but interesting game where you have to get all the fruits along the way and arrive up to the finish line. The game has... Read more

Kelso's Quest

Submitted Thu 22 May '14
Best way to keep your adventurous side...

The gameplay is simply different!. Embark on an epic journey as Kelso the Koala. You will need to collect feathers to complete levels all while avoiding enemies and defeating... Read more

Friendly Eco Might

Submitted Sat 19 Apr '14
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Get all the information regarding environmental issues, conservation methods, role of technology in environment, endangered and extinction of species on this site... Read more

Moon Calendar 2014

Submitted Fri 28 Feb '14
To stay with the Moon all year long

Moon Calendar 2014 doubles and turns global. Moon Calendar 2014 for Apple (iPhone, iPad): Moon Calendar 2014 for Android: The Moon Is... Read more


Submitted Fri 20 Sep '13  ·  118 comments
Find new world inside barcode

You don’t know, but behind the barcodes there are fantastic hidden cards! Explore and collect them with iTagHunter app and you will learn about really fantastic animals. Through... Read more

Squid Up

Submitted Thu 12 Sep '13  ·  27 comments
An undersea quest to infinity guaranteed to make...

Meet a curious little squid that has a mission to save what is left of the world. Steer this endearing pink ball of curiosity through a fun, friendly, and easy-going game.... Read more