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Keep your notes, lectures and private thoughts locked away from prying eyes

Notes Lock An app designed for taking...
Review posted Mon 7 Sep '15

A few years ago I had a friend who had been laboriously plotting a story that he hoped might be taken up as a tv series. He kept it tucked away on his mobile device and worked on it diligently for over a year. I contacted him again a couple of years later after I'd seen the pilot episode of a new series because the plot line bore a remarkable resemblance to his own. He told me that he'd seen the episode and put two and two together and worked out that, while he'd been at a writers’ workshop, he'd ... Read more

Notebook Apps


Submitted Sun 3 Jan '16
Simple and easy notes in the cloud - made...

Quicknotes - notes app were the simplicity of creating and organizing notes is the top priority. 90% of the site is for your notes, keeping anything distracting from the notes to... Read more

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Submitted Sat 24 Oct '15
BossNote - one app for all your needs

BossNote is your personal assistant in the Cloud available on iPhone, iPad and Web. Organize and keep your information together with BossNote - it is a simple application that... Read more

Super Notepad and Memo Pad - Create, store & retrieve notes in text, audio & images (Pro Version)

Submitted Tue 11 Aug '15
Powerful notepad app to create and organise not...

Super Notepad is a powerful tool which is able to store not just text notes, but also notes which contain audio and images content. You could create,edit and retrieve the notes in... Read more

Note it!

Submitted Sun 29 Mar '15
Lean and elegant notebook for quick idea...

Note it! is a lean and elegant notebook aimed for quick idea collections. Inspired by sticky notes, every note here has two colorful sides. It is simple to create, edit and... Read more


Submitted Thu 26 Mar '15
Save and share snippets on the web

Save and share snippets on the web. Simply highlight text on the web and use the extension to instantly save or share it. All snippets are uploaded to Snippus where you can... Read more


Submitted Fri 6 Feb '15
Just write!

Penote is a highly interactive and easy-to-use note app that meets your note taking needs. We have put in much effort to make it less sophisticated but effective for writing... Read more


Submitted Tue 26 Aug '14
Narrate Your Life

Narrate is a new journal/notebook for Android. It was designed with inspiration from Google's new Material guidelines, and it was created with the best possible user experience in... Read more

Weight Lifting Videos

Submitted Sat 2 Aug '14
Tons of workout tutorials ranked by quality,...

The goal of Weight Lifting Videos is to provide users with the very best workout tutorials for each and every muscle group. Weight Lifting Videos seeks to do this by sifting... Read more