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Save time and money with this effective set of brand protection tools

BrandShield - Brand Protection The future of brand protection
Review posted Sun 7 Sep '14

There was a hilarious moment at the FIFA World Cup in Germany in 2006 when thousands of Dutch football supporters were forced to remove their garish orange trousers and watch their team's game with the Ivory Coast in their underpants. It wasn't the German fashion police that caused supporters such embarrassment - even though they would have been well within their rights to do so. The fact is, the trousers were emblazoned with the advertising logo of a beer company named Bavaria, while the competition was sponsored by Budweiser. The monitoring FIFA officials ruled it a serious case of 'ambush ... Read more

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Submitted Fri 16 Jan '15
Create your portfolio website now!

Pixpa ( is a do-it-yourself website builder that makes it easy for its users to create and manage their web presence. Thousands of photographers, artists and... Read more

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    Create your portfolio website now!
    Submitted Fri 16 Jan '15
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    Submitted Thu 8 Jan '15
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Submitted Thu 8 Jan '15
The Swiss Army Knife to Convert Exits into Leads

UberExit✚ is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to start converting abandoning site visitors into customers within minutes. Read more


Submitted Tue 2 Dec '14
Free. Beautiful. Open Source Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the future of the industry and with many new startups trying to enter the game, one has to stand out from the rest... Mautic is the world’s first Open... Read more


Submitted Tue 23 Sep '14
One Stop Marketplace, Web design

Innovational Steps is online affiliate advertising business presenting a innovative One Stop Marketplace for online consumers by satisfying their shopping needs and services... Read more


Submitted Fri 5 Sep '14
Display trackable banners on your email signature

Zipniture is a creative and fun way to customize and maximize your email signature by displaying clickable and trackable banners. Your banners could promote your... Read more

Submitted Thu 7 Aug '14
Personal online start page and site promotion...

For starters, functions as a new Internet homepage. Individual users collect thumbnail links to their favorite sites. This saves the trouble of entering the same information... Read more


Submitted Thu 7 Aug '14
The Best Way to Manage PPC Advertising

ShiftAd allows marketers to create, manage and optimize advertising campaigns across various online advertising networks, such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads, in one location... Read more


Submitted Thu 31 Jul '14
International, online business directory for...

LynkMii will help users find Businesses, Special Offers, What’s On, Jobs, latest News and Blogs. Businesses will be able to advertise their business, products and services. They... Read more