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Never run out of the important things ever again

Recurify Make every order a recurring...
Review posted Wed 4 Dec '13  ·  920 comments

When you've found a product on the internet that you love and want to have in your life on a regular basis how do you handle it? Are you organized enough to see when stocks are getting a bit low and when you need to order more or are there times when you forget and everyone gets on your back because you've run out of their favorite coffee, diapers, vitamins, washing powder or even photocopy paper? Recurify is an online shopping app that turns your essential one-off orders into recurring ones so that you never run out of the important ... Read more

Monetize your social network or blog and accept credit cards easily online

PayStand Easily Sell & Accept Payment...
Review posted Sun 18 Aug '13  ·  426 comments

Selling your stuff online used to be so damned complicated that many small businesses wouldn't even contemplate it in the past. They would prefer to go through a distributor and take a smaller cut rather than attempt to get their own credit card payment system online. But, in this ever changing e-commerce friendly world, it just got a little easier - as easy as pressing a button, in fact. PayStand is an e-commerce and payment application for online shopping that allows you to directly accept credit cards online for payment for your product - whether it be physical, digital or ... Read more

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  • Rately shopping browser
    Rately, the first ever mobile...
    Submitted Thu 4 Dec '14
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    Decrease your returns in online...
    Submitted Wed 26 Nov '14
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    Consumer reviews and complaints of...
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    Submitted Tue 10 Jun '14
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Monetize your Facebook with this next gen social shop

Ravox Facebook Store App
Review posted Sun 28 Apr '13  ·  80 comments

If you were waiting for the next 'great leap forward' in online sales for the small business or online shop then you need to look no further than this innovative free Facebook ecommerce application. Given the potential audience that is available through Facebook, Ravox gives you the opportunity to capitalize on its pulling power by  letting you create a completely personalizable online shop and sell your goods to your friends and followers. But that's not all. If you don't have anything to sell, you can also earn money by promoting and sharing other people's products and claim a portion of ... Read more

Add rich interactive content to your site easily

Easy WebContent The easiest way to design new...
Review posted Mon 29 Oct '12  ·  87 comments

Easy WebContent is a simple, fast and very effective way of adding great rich interactive content to your website. Its virtually a do -it-yourself system for everyone from interested amateur to hardened professional website designer to add photos, music, video, widgets, maps and all other interactive content to their site to create and engage the viewers of your website and encourage new customers.   Easy WebContent is a web based DIY system that allows everyone to create and maintain rich interactive content online. From professional websites to interactive presentations and demos, this platform helps anyone -even those with little or ... Read more

Manage your inventory across all your platforms

Centralized Inventory Work simply and simply work!
Review posted Thu 4 Oct '12  ·  63 comments

Developers Bizelo have made their name by creating accounts, supply and business management applications, so they know what they are doing when it comes to delivering a good, solid and innovative set of business tools. Centralized Inventory is an easy way to manage your stock inventory across all your stores and warehouses whether they are Main Street retail or online stores. And coming in at under twenty five bucks per month it could be the best way of knowing what you have in stock and what you might be almost running out of.   Bizelo are well known for their ... Read more

Online Shopping Apps

Rately shopping browser

Submitted Thu 4 Dec '14
Rately, the first ever mobile shopping browser

The new Rately Shopping Browser (which is free) for iPad, iPhone and now Android smartphones presents an alternative to conventional shopping methods on mobile browsers like... Read more

EasySize Size Guide For Online Shops

Submitted Wed 26 Nov '14
Decrease your returns in online shopping and add...

EasySize is a data-driven technology defining clothes sizes and decreasing returns at online-shops. We help online-shops to save money and offer their clients a new shopping... Read more


Submitted Wed 29 Oct '14
Consumer reviews and complaints of shopping...

ReviewMatters is a community for sharing online shopping experiences and complaints. People use ReviewMatters to research websites and make informed purchasing decision. Our... Read more


Submitted Tue 14 Oct '14
Yepme Online Fashion Shopping Mobile App

• Shop online from over 50,000 products – shoes, clothing, accessories and more • Login via our social plugin through Facebook and Google • Share what you like with your family... Read more


Submitted Fri 19 Sep '14
Sell Your Services, Build Your Brand

Hoodoko is the easiest way for Small & Home businesses to sell their services, promote, connect, collaborate and grow. Hoodoko is an innovative online platform designed to... Read more