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Duel it out with real-time shooters from all over the world

Mini Showdown Can you become the world’s...
Review posted Mon 25 Nov '13  ·  263 comments

There is probably more talk about gun control these days than ever before. More background checks, tighter regulations and cooling off periods have all been suggested to try to curb the alarming number of gun related shootings around the world. Well, it may appear to be a little flippant, but maybe a first person shooting game like this one will take the edge off the need to fire a real gun and cause real damage. Mini Showdown is a beautiful-looking, free shooting game for iOS the gives you real-time and realistic duels with fellow shooters and find out who really ... Read more

Take your swimming log to the pool with you and track your routine

mySwimLog Swim Log and Performance...
Review posted Sat 9 Nov '13  ·  56 comments

When it comes to daily exercise there are many different ways of getting your body going whether it be first thing in the morning or at any other time of the day. Some will go for a jog first thing and some will choose things like yoga or fit into a trip to the gym to keep their body in trim. Some have the luxury of having a public or private swimming pool and will indulge in a regular swimming program. While there are plenty personal trainers (not to mention heaps of health and fitness apps) to check your progress ... Read more

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Perfect accounting and billing for small business and sole traders

Zervant Track your work and sales...
Review posted Thu 29 Aug '13  ·  891 comments

One of the most difficult aspects of running a business seems to be billing and paperwork. I've lost count of the number of mistakes and stupid accounting procedures that I've seen over the years - more often from big companies rather than small ones. Those careless billing problems can cost you customers. So, how on earth can small businesses and freelancers get their accounting act together when the bigger ones, with their much bigger budgets, manage to screw it up on a regular basis? Well, Zervant is an invoicing, accounting and time tracking application that seems to be a pretty ... Read more

A great set of free photo edit tools to create GIF's and other cool stuff for your blog

Viscomsoft Social Galleries Free Online Funny Social...
Review posted Mon 12 Aug '13  ·  1957 comments

Readers who tune into our reviews on a reasonably regular basis will know just how much we love a good photo editing application. Usually they tend to be a single function set of tools that will use different filters to turn your photos into something special. Quite often, these days, I will use two or maybe three different apps to achieve some truly artistic masterpieces - well, I think so, anyway. So it's kinda rare when a free app comes along that gives you multiple photo editing tools. Viscomsoft Social Galleries is a photo sharing and photo editing tool that ... Read more

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Submitted Sat 12 Apr '14
Group dating for fun offline activity

FunCrew creates private groups of 6 to 8 people online: half males and half females. First, the matched group chat online and meet offline to have fun over drinks. After... Read more


Submitted Tue 8 Apr '14
work from home,data entry provider

Krista Business Point - Work From Home, Data Entry Provider, Data Entry Work, Data Entry Projects, Offline Data Entry, Ad Posting Work, Online Data Entry. Read more


Submitted Wed 26 Mar '14
Your On-Demand Postman

Direct same day on-demand courier and messenger services under 2 hours or less in any local city. Your on-demand postman. Read more


Submitted Tue 25 Mar '14
Everywhere your ideas want to be.

Stormboard allows teams to brainstorm and collaborate with a realtime whiteboard and sticky notes. Brainstorm, organize, prioritize and act on the best ideas, in the same room or... Read more

Shellfire VPN

Submitted Tue 11 Mar '14
Shellfire VPN hides the IP address and allows to...

Shellfire VPN app hides the IP address and allows to browse the web anonymously. The app offers enhanced encrypted connection between an Android device and one of our servers.The... Read more

Online Videos & Download

Submitted Mon 10 Mar '14
Watch your favourite music videos and Download...

Are you a musical person? If you are bored and want to watch your favourite music videos, you need to not wait for long. You may install free Online Videos application on your... Read more

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