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A community to help your crowdfunding campaign that fits nicely between concept and Kickstarter

Ventrifuge You Built That.
Review posted Sat 6 Dec '14

We all love creative types, don't we? Their minds work in such a way that they can pluck an idea out of the sky and change our lives a little bit with their innovative gadgets and inventions. Many of these people are paid well and have teams to collaborate and expand their original concept. There are, however a growing band of budding entrepreneurs - who are getting younger and younger, I might add - that don't have the vast resources to develop this great lightbulb moment that they want to develop. Where do they find other like-minded individuals with the ... Read more

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Sorty for Whatsapp

Submitted Mon 18 May '15
Organize your photos and videos received from...

Organize your pictures and videos received from Whatsapp with Sorty! 1.- Sort easily your received media files using "drag&drop" 2.- Discard the photos you don't need and... Read more

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Submitted Sat 16 May '15
Shift calendar to manage your schedule and duty...

PlanMyShift is designed for shift workers to help them manage their shifts easily. The focus of the app is to simplify the generation and the maintenance of a shift schedule or... Read more

Alcohol Cutdown Coach

Submitted Wed 6 May '15
Save money. Lose weight. Cut down. Be alive.

The Alcohol Cutdown Coach is a simple to use but great new app which helps you to concentrate on the drinks that you DON'T have, instead of the drinks you DO have. It helps you to... Read more


Submitted Sat 7 Mar '15
Lets connect people wisely!

Enjoy the fastest and the easiest way to invite friends, colleagues, relatives (or we call as your flock) you know, for any occasion! Inviting for events like weddings, birthday... Read more

Photo Search Gallery

Submitted Wed 25 Feb '15
Photo Search Gallery is the smartest photo...

"Photo Search Gallery" uses an unique algorithm to easily find photos and videos by when they were taken (ex., "last summer"). "Photo Search Gallery" accepts text or voice... Read more


Submitted Wed 25 Feb '15
The best photo gallery organiser!

Everytime we take a photo it just save into a huge folder call camera in our gallery!Now this application works differently!You create a folder with a tap(Default folder... Read more


Submitted Fri 6 Feb '15
Lists and collections to organize you ever day...

Through different models, create your lists and collections to organize the information you have to memorize and handle every day. Example of models : - Ideas - Tasks - Books -... Read more

Standards Planner

Submitted Thu 11 Dec '14
Simplifying Education

Teachers struggle daily learning new technology and curriculum, and districts try to help as much as they can. This is a problem with our growing industry. Standards Planner... Read more