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Create random and safe passwords

Passcreator tool,password,generator
Review posted Fri 13 Jan '12  ·  3 comments

How many times do you hear the phrase "I've got so many different passwords for accounts that I can barely remember which one is which?" There's the computer account, the iTunes, my online banking and so many more I can't remember them all myself now...oh yeah's never ending. What might be really sensible is to have one that is so obscure no one would ever guess it. Passcreator is a password create tool that automatically creates a password for you incorporating as many selection options as you could possibly want. That should keep the bank quiet for a while. Read more

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My Credentials

Submitted Yesterday
Remember Everything for you

This application stores your passwords and important dates. You don't have to remember passwords, sites, PIN codes, keys, etc. With the help of this application you will keep all... Read more

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Pics Locker

Submitted Tue 31 Mar '15
Pics Locker comes up as a secure safe to store...

Pics Locker comes up as a secure safe to store your sensitive photos that you don’t want to be visible in default photo gallery. You can keep your secrets here, as Pics... Read more

Contact Locker

Submitted Tue 31 Mar '15
You can convert any of your contacts to locked...

Don't want other guys view your contacts? Lock them! Protect and store your private contacts, but favorite ones. It is revolutionary contacts locker with simple, clean and clear... Read more


Submitted Fri 27 Mar '15
#PwdBook, #PasswordTool, #MaterialDesign

Ever looking for a password tool that can help you manage your all kinds of sensitive information? Among all the already available apps, PwdBook is worth trying. PwdBook is a... Read more

aMemoryJog Password Manager and Secure Digital Vault

Submitted Fri 13 Mar '15
All your passwords in your pocket

Ever forget passwords for websites or WiFi, account numbers, frequent flyer or loyalty card numbers? aMemoryJog beautifully organizes all that information - accessible within... Read more


Submitted Thu 5 Mar '15
Provider of enterprise-class Single Sign-On...

Bitium is a provider of cloud-based identity and access management solutions, including single sign-on, password management, and analytics for small, medium and enterprise... Read more

The Riddler: Password Manager

Submitted Fri 17 Oct '14
"The Riddler: Password Manager" is an app that...

"The Riddler: Password Manager" is an app that allows its users to store their passwords safely. If you often forget your passwords and need to use password recovery tools this... Read more


Submitted Wed 15 Oct '14
Passwords and Analytics on Your Dropbox Links

Supercharge your Dropbox with Passdropit. Get free passwords on your Dropbox links, as well as analytics on Dropbox links, download notifications, customized URLs, expiring links,... Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Jul '14
Store and manage all your passwords online

Intuitive Password is a secure online password manager which provides all the security your bank does. Our data security technology uses US government approved encryption... Read more