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Next generation recruitment and employee management that's kept in the cloud

EmpXtrack Global HR and talent...
Review posted Tue 15 Apr '14

Up until the last few years, the whole business of human resources (or HR) has proved to be a rather fractured one in the business world. Sure, the big businesses have had it nailed down for a while but companies with a limited budget tended to either have one person with a spreadsheet or the work was covered by several different departments. Unless its a pretty small organization, it's rare to see the same people who hire and fire staff involved in staff performance reporting and getting the best out of your workers. EmpXtrack is a ground-breaking and all encompassing ... Read more

What if someone had offered free Facebook shares way back then?

GlobAllShare: Social Network of the future The best way to earn and share
Review posted Tue 30 Apr '13  ·  315 comments

If somebody had asked you to get involved with an online social network called Facebook all those years ago do you think you would have taken it any further? If you did, of course, you would probably be sitting pretty right now. So if a new social network was about to start up that has something new to offer and offered you the chance to get involved during the pre-organizational stage, would you be interested? You'd be crazy not to look at it. GlobAllShare claims to be the future of social networking. It also offers the chance for early subscribers ... Read more

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An easy and secure way to sell your music, writing or videos online

Sellwire The Easiest Way to Sell Your...
Review posted Sun 23 Dec '12  ·  129 comments

I am convinced that most people are basically pretty honest. If you give them a good, legal and easy way of downloading digital material they will go for it even if they have to pay for it. Take the whole music downloading situation. When it was difficult to find the music that people wanted they would risk bugs and prosecution and go to sites like Napster and Limewire to find the music they wanted. But as soon as a site like iTunes came along that was simple to use, customers were more than happy to use its services. Sellwire is ... Read more

Pay Online Apps

FreelanceSuite Version 2

Submitted Sun 24 Nov '13  ·  181 comments
Client, Project, & Billing Management

FreelanceSuite is a clean, stylish web app that lets you manage all of your clients, projects, and billing. It's simple, yet powerful. Version 2 was just released in November... Read more

Cheddar Up

Submitted Thu 21 Nov '13
Collecting money just got fun!

Cheddar Up is a website that makes collecting money easy (and fun). The service allows people to pay and collect on group and one-to-one purchases...quickly and easily online.... Read more


Submitted Sat 2 Nov '13  ·  46 comments
Wembli makes it easy for friends to plan, vote...

We're your singular source for nabbing tickets, parking, restaurants and hotels in one move. Instead of creating an evite or facebook event, visiting dozens of ticketing sites,... Read more


Submitted Mon 6 May '13  ·  38 comments
Save up to 40% on credit card processing in 3...

MerchAdvisor is a unique comparison-shopping platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, and merchants of all sizes to find and compare the latest technology and fee structures... Read more


Submitted Thu 14 Mar '13  ·  50 comments
Your challenge is our Progress.

The Payroll Management System deals with the financial aspects of employee's salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay etc. and generation of pay-slips in PDf format for... Read more