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Manage your team and projects on your mobile when on-the-go

Project Management App The best way to manage your...
Review posted Wed 25 Sep '13  ·  418 comments

The complete management of your business projects is reasonably easy if you are sitting in the comfort of your office but it's not quite so easily if you are on-the-go or work on the road a lot. Keeping track of your team's progress and profitability is generally left until you return to your workplace. This set of business productivity tools for iOS and Android changes all that by allowing you to keep track of your team's progress on all your projects wherever you are and whenever you want.   Project Management App (PMA) is the very apt name for this ... Read more

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Submitted Mon 10 Nov '14
Lead with the right business plan

Knowlium is an online business planning software that makes it easier for entrepreneurs to create a solid business plan founded on realistic financial projections. Stay on top of... Read more

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  • Knowlium
    Lead with the right business plan
    Submitted Mon 10 Nov '14
  • Rescoper
    Automatic daily schedules and...
    Submitted Mon 8 Sep '14
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    Discover foods that fit you.
    Submitted Fri 13 Jun '14
  • BusyConf
    Conference Planning Made Easy
    Submitted Wed 14 May '14
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    Manage your home expenses and incomes...
    Submitted Fri 3 Jan '14
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    Helps you to plan your budget wisely
    Submitted Thu 2 Jan '14
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    Submitted Thu 26 Dec '13
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Submitted Mon 8 Sep '14
Automatic daily schedules and efficient task...

We believe your day should be all about turning goals into reality, not planning your schedule and analyzing your projects. Rescoper does the tedious work for you. Automatic daily... Read more


Submitted Fri 13 Jun '14
Discover foods that fit you.

Here's a joke: A Paleo dieter, Italian cuisine enthusiasts, pescetarian, and a vegan RSVP to a dinner party that you're hosting. Holy smokes, right? This is actually easy to... Read more


Submitted Wed 14 May '14
Conference Planning Made Easy

BusyConf is an all-in-one conference management tool. We help both professional and hobbyist conference planners organize their events. Our call for proposals tool lets... Read more

Home budget Calculator

Submitted Fri 3 Jan '14  ·  178 comments
Manage your home expenses and incomes for better...

The tool contains the list of common sources of incomes and expenses generally occur in monthly or annual basis. The user needs to keep adding the incomes and expenses as they... Read more

Student Budget Planner

Submitted Thu 2 Jan '14  ·  186 comments
Helps you to plan your budget wisely

Student Budget Planner app keeps you updated with balance in hand and save the inputs for future references. The application allows you to record save and edit the incomes, study... Read more

Wedding Planner

Submitted Thu 26 Dec '13  ·  131 comments
The wedding budget planner for android devices

Wedding Planner is a simple application for budget preparation for the special event. The application allows you to record save and edit the pre and post events expenses. It... Read more


Submitted Thu 19 Dec '13
Turn your Basecamp project, Google Calendar or...

Convert your Basecamp Project, Google Calendar or Trello Board to a Gantt Chart. Explain your plans to others using one simple chart. See how all your activities relate in time... Read more

Meeting Assistant

Submitted Mon 9 Dec '13  ·  115 comments
meeting, iPad, social networks, LinkedIn,...

CALENDARS, CONTACTS, REMINDERS & NOTES and much more in the beautiful interface! Updated frequently! Meeting Assistant® is the complete iPad app for planning, running and... Read more