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Revolutionize your online resume and show yourself off Showcase your expertise
Review posted Mon 18 Feb '13  ·  65 comments

It's not easy to get across the passion that you have for a subject by a form of resume. It's not particularly easy, if it comes to that, to get that enthusiasm over to the people by creating a Facebook page or using any of the other social networking outlets. Maybe you have spread yourself right across all your networks. Your cool photos could be on Instagram, you might have some interesting articles and stories on your blog and then there is the stuff on your Facebook page. is a new networking and promotion application where you can create ... Read more

Keep a unique work portolio

WorkSimple Individual Edition The easiest way to manage...
Review posted Sat 7 Jul '12  ·  20 comments

Do many of you keep your professional accomplishments up to date on a regular basis or do you only update them when you are applying for a new job? Personally, it's the latter I'm afraid but I totally agree that it would be far more organized and sensible to keep an ongoing record. WorkSimple Individual Edition is a free business and portfolio application where you can detail your working career and then adds a bit of a LinkedIn-style social side to share your efforts.   WorkSimple's Personal Edition is the easiest way to manage your career. It's a simple professional ... Read more

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    One click bookmarking in one location
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  • MetroStyle
    We are glad to announce MetroStyle...
    Submitted Sat 10 Aug '13
  • LLI Design
    Full screen, responsive, portfolio
    Submitted Sat 29 Dec '12
  • Edictive
    Film Production Management
    Submitted Thu 20 Dec '12
  • Get India's No. 1 Finance App
    Indias No.1 Finance Portal
    Submitted Thu 13 Sep '12
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    A virtual startup portfolio
    Submitted Sat 23 Jun '12
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    Submitted Fri 23 Mar '12

Develop your web design and get meaningful feedback

AppSpyre Project Development Made Easy!
Review posted Sat 3 Mar '12  ·  24 comments

AppSpyre is one of those project management applications that provides you with all the apparatus you will need to take your web based project or website to it's optimum level. It's a simple yet all-encompassing platform for start-up developers and web designers to share and collaborate,  get meaningful feedback and develop the skills you will need to oversee and enhance your project to the highest level.   The AppSpyre application and membership repository provides everything you'll need to get your web based project or website to its maximum capacity by giving you access to a whole array of various customizable ... Read more

Is there anything this web design app can't do?

Dev8ion Studio Devine Network for Project...
Review posted Thu 19 Jan '12  ·  66 comments

As our old friend Homer Simpson might say..."Is there anything Dev8ion Studio can't do?"  Dev8ion is a design and development application that's main aim is to optimize your website's potential and take it to its' maximum capacity. It does this by allowing starter developers as well as the more experienced ones to utilize the creative tools and applications available to enhance your site as well as letting you host discussions, collaborate on projects, help others while building your own social profile. Read more

Create a website, personal page, or portfolio in minutes

Whatfolio Create a website, personal...
Review posted Sun 23 Oct '11  ·  22 comments

If you are in the entertainment industry you can't just rely on an agent to get you the work you need to survive and succeed. Self promotion is the name of the game and the first thing you need to promote yourself is a quality portfolio home page. Whatfolio is a portfolio tool that helps you create a personal portfolio page collated from all your existing profile information from your favorite social networks. But wait...there's more. When you create your portfolio page it will also be available to view as a mobile app and even one for your favorite tablet. ... Read more

Portfolio Apps


Submitted Sat 10 Aug '13  ·  782 comments
We are glad to announce MetroStyle Responsive...

Responsive layout (1440 to 320px; on/off via options) Regular or Magazine homepage layouts available Attractive slider (automatically resize images, auto-slide feature, supports... Read more

LLI Design

Submitted Sat 29 Dec '12  ·  32 comments
Full screen, responsive, portfolio

Website description Full screen portfolio site for the London based interior design consultancy LLI Design, featuring their latest projects. Read more


Submitted Thu 20 Dec '12  ·  21 comments
Film Production Management

Edicitve is a professional solution for a film, TV and broadcast professional. Perfect for a large demanding project were traditional project management approach does not fit with... Read more

Get India's No. 1 Finance App

Submitted Thu 13 Sep '12  ·  22 comments
Indias No.1 Finance Portal

MoneyControl offers Markets on Mobile app on your iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry , Nokia & Android : Stock Quote, Portfolio Manager, Watch CNBC Live TV with Personalized Stock Ticker,... Read more