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A new, easy and provocative way of writing a personal diary or journal

Askt App Journal by daily questions
Review posted Sat 26 Apr '14

You might have seen a review that FeedMyApp posted recently for an app called BooksTo.Me. In it, it was mentioned how posting daily Instagram photos has become the new diary for many people and how it was a convenient way of documenting your life. The diary concept has all but disappeared for many these days, but with so many popular online versions available as well as the plethora of personal blogs and journals, it’s obvious that many have a hankering to document their daily activities. But anyone who writes on a daily basis will know that the hardest sentence to ... Read more

A better way to Google Change Based Search Tool
Review posted Tue 26 Nov '13  ·  428 comments

While Google is a highly effective search engine for many, there are definitely times when it seems to be a little bogged down with too much information. For those of us that need to nail down something very specific on the net it would help if we could slightly change the way we search. Neuoogle offers what is known as a 'changed base' search tool for those of us that need to home in on an item or a subject and keep track of all references to it - now and in the future. This iPhone application lets you create ... Read more

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  • Good Albums - Photo Organizer
    Create awesome photo albums
    Submitted Sat 1 Nov '14
  • Privatoria
    Privatoria is your secure and...
    Submitted Thu 16 Oct '14
  • FavGuard
    Make your Twitter favorites private
    Submitted Sat 11 Oct '14
  • Stealth Messenger
    Unbreakable Chat
    Submitted Wed 8 Oct '14
    Your own internet: VPN+...
    Submitted Fri 12 Sep '14
  • StitMe
    Your Privacy Shield
    Submitted Fri 29 Aug '14
  • Turtleseed
    Talk about it, forget about it.
    Submitted Fri 1 Aug '14
  • Phantom
    Phantom is now available for iOS and...
    Submitted Thu 31 Jul '14
    Email security for everyone
    Submitted Fri 4 Jul '14
  • Memilog
    Journaling Made Easy
    Submitted Tue 3 Jun '14

Make sure your private videos are only seen by the right people

Review posted Thu 16 May '13  ·  1872 comments

There are times when you have to send a video or text message to a friend or colleague that has to be secure. You have to be sure that only the people that see it are the ones that you want to see it. Let's assume you are organizing a wedding and you only want certain people, like bridesmaids, to see their dresses. ZipaClip is an app to app messaging application for iOS that let's you send sensitive and private videos and text messages to fellow users with total security. What's more, if you change your mind, you can recall ... Read more

Keep your Android Text (SMS) and call history private

Player Tools Cheating App Don't get caught, get Player...
Review posted Sat 26 Nov '11  ·  171 comments

Now, if only Tiger Woods had this app on his smartphone at the time he probably wouldn't have got into quite as much of a mess as he did. Player Tools is an free Android privacy app that 'covers up' text messages and your phone log so no one else can see them. Read more

Privacy Apps

Good Albums - Photo Organizer

Submitted Sat 1 Nov '14
Create awesome photo albums

Fast and lightweight, Good Albums is an alternative gallery app. 1. First of its kind gallery app to group photos by moments. 2. Easy to organize your pics into awesome... Read more


Submitted Thu 16 Oct '14
Privatoria is your secure and confidential... is a service which provides secure communication, anonymous surf and secure file sharing for individuals and business. All security services are united together in... Read more


Submitted Sat 11 Oct '14
Make your Twitter favorites private

FavGuard makes your Twitter favorites private and searchable. It uses a three steps process to do that: 1- It retrieves all your favorites. Stores them in your FavGuard... Read more

Stealth Messenger

Submitted Wed 8 Oct '14
Unbreakable Chat

Stealth Messenger - A new chat application that puts your privacy and security first– in the Google Play Store: ... Read more


Submitted Fri 12 Sep '14
Your own internet: VPN+ anti-phishing, malware,...

We are proud to announce our latest product: VPN+ with anti-phishing, malware, tracking with Web Compression. It protects your online privacy and helps you to save up to 70% of... Read more


Submitted Fri 29 Aug '14
Your Privacy Shield

StitMe is a next generation free mobile privacy platform that allows people to connect and speak via mobile telephone, all without revealing their actual telephone numbers to each... Read more