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Get all your facts before you start a project

Get Osmosis Client questionnaire for...
Review posted Thu 10 Jan '13  ·  497 comments

Design is such an arbitrary science that it's never easy to get two parties to agree 100% on the way a project should look. When the two parties are the client and designer that can provide problems. When a designer sits down to have a first-up meeting with the client it is to thrash out all the basic details of what needs to be done and how the design should look. But how can both sides have all the criteria in front of them so that both teams are on the same page all the way down the line? Osmosis ... Read more

Create business proposals in minutes, not hours

Mimiran Killer Proposals Made Easy
Review posted Thu 24 May '12  ·  127 comments

Mimiran is a business tool for people with great ideas who want to speed up the whole business proposal deal and make it more efficient, garner immediate responses and get to the bottom line quicker. While you maybe a whizz at coming up with ground-breaking business ideas you might not be quite so adept at physically putting a proposal together to inspire potential collaborators. Mimiran is a business tool that provides simple and customizable proposal templates that lets you send proposals in minutes rather than hours to give you a better chance of winning contracts   Some people are naturals ... Read more

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Create beautiful proposals

Sparkling Create beautiful proposals
Review posted Fri 28 Oct '11  ·  4 comments

Do you get the feeling sometimes that your sales proposals don't have quite the spark to make your potential customers sit up and take notice of you? Are you finding that you are not getting the response you once did from them? Your sales team work so hard to put all the information together but it still doesn't look quite substantial enough. Maybe it's just the current climate but then again your competitor is doing okay. So, what can you do to add that extra oomph to your proposals.? Sparkling uses the power of web techniques to make beautiful and ... Read more

First Web-based Book Proposal Software

BP Wiz First Web-based Book Proposal...
Review posted Fri 28 Oct '11  ·  4 comments

If you’ve finally written that book then congratulations, you’ve done the really hard work. The baby you’ve been nurturing for months however now needs to see the light of day and for that you’re going to need a publisher. Read more

Proposal Apps


Submitted Thu 27 Mar '14
Get the sourcing job done

SourceRooms is built for and around procurement and sourcing professionals and their collaborators. SourceRooms streamlines the sourcing process by eliminating unnecessary... Read more

SW Proposal

Submitted Thu 27 Feb '14
Increase Your Win Rate With SW Proposal Software...

SWProposal is a professional Software development proposal creator, making your proposal management job easy with its CRM & proposal automation software. Using the online... Read more

SMS Collection - Messages 50000+

Submitted Thu 2 Jan '14  ·  82 comments
SMS Collection Messages - Read it – Share it –...

SMS Collection Messages If you want some good laugh, some inspirational quotes or words of wisdom, you need to get this amazing and free Android App on your mobile phone. SMS... Read more


Submitted Mon 15 Oct '12  ·  4 comments
Create sales proposals quickly and easily

NiftyQuoter proposal software helps businesses create beautiful sales proposals and quotes for their clients in minutes and manage them easily. Not only it saves a lot of time but... Read more

Submitted Sun 27 May '12  ·  21 comments
#1 Online Proposal App

No matter how big or small your business is, Quote Roller is by far the best online proposal, bid and quote software out there. You'll find that all of the other apps out there... Read more