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A 'Made for Mobile' survey and quiz app for great CRM

Survey Anyplace Mobile Feedback made Easy
Review posted Wed 3 Oct '12  ·  79 comments

I guess the biggest difference between this new online survey application and other recently reviewed apps like TabletView and Pinnion is that Survey Anyplace has been developed specifically for mobiles. This iOS and Android app is a simple way for anyone to create eye-catching surveys and quizzes, wrap them in their own brand colors, add a logo and multimedia elements and get customer feedback to provide a better service and better profits. At under thirty dollars a month for the most popular plan Survey Anytime may be a cost effective way of providing better customer service management for your business. ... Read more

Challenge your friends to a social trivia quiz

BattleQuiz BattleQuiz! No Brain No Gain!
Review posted Mon 24 Sep '12  ·  134 comments

Trivia games are always winners, aren't they. For some unfathomable reason you always want to answer one more question. BattleQuiz is a seriously addictive social trivia game for iOS and Android that features over 10,000 questions covering eight different topics. You can challenge your friends and test your knowledge at the same time on subjects including music, television, movies and even social media.   BattleQuiz is a social trivia game in which friends compete against each other in challenging quiz battles. BattleQuiz provides players with a fun way to test their knowledge on various subjects ranging from Film & TV, ... Read more

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Other new & related apps

Play trivia with a twist

Stumped - Multiplayer Trivia Simply Brilliant
Review posted Wed 29 Aug '12  ·  508 comments

Everybody loves playing trivia, don't they? Tuesday night at the local pub or bar is always a lot of fun. Stum?ed is an interactive trivia quiz game application for iOS that's fast and requires a sharp brain. So it's perfect to get you going in the morning on the way to work (hopefully, not while you are driving, of course) or for relaxing at home in the evening. But Stum?ed isn't just another trivia game - there are plenty of those around like that. The added twist is the ability to use Power-ups to either benefit yourself or hinder your ... Read more

Pythagorus' Theory should wake you up in the morning

Quiz Alarm The new way of waking up
Review posted Mon 30 Jul '12  ·  22 comments

There have been some weird and wacky digital alarm clock apps to  wake you up in the morning. Anyone remember the one that threatened to call a different contact in your address book every three minutes until you wake up or the one that donated $10 from your bank account to a charity that's NOT of your choice every time the snooze button gets hit. Quiz Alarm is a free alarm clock app that will wake you up pretty damned quick as it asks you a question when the alarm rings. Fail to get it right and your neighbors will ... Read more

Quiz Apps


Submitted Fri 21 Nov '14
Are you smart enough to become the "One who sees"

NANPISA has a worldwide appeal as there is no ‘virtual’ world concept with NANPISA . Users are allowed to explore and discover their own path through Nanpisa while answering... Read more


Submitted Mon 17 Nov '14
QuizSomething: The game with a challenge,...

QuizSomething ( ) is now available on Google Play and ready to make history by becoming the biggest Quiz game in the world. How? By challenging all... Read more

Logo Quiz - Cars

Submitted Tue 11 Nov '14
The best logo quiz game for those who love cars.

This exciting logo quiz game is for those who love cars and wants to test their knowledge on auto producers. Logo Quiz - Cars has over 130 logos waiting to be guessed by those... Read more

Guess Brand Logos - What's the Logo?

Submitted Wed 5 Nov '14
logo, brand, quiz

You come across many world brand logos every day but how many of them can you guess? Hundreds of hand picked logos are waiting just for you! Tease your brain with this puzzle game... Read more

Light Quiz Movie

Submitted Sun 26 Oct '14
A new kind of quiz about movies and cinema

Light Quiz Movie is a new type of trivia where you must find what movie is displayed to you in less than 10 seconds. Part of the image is hidden and you must navigate through it... Read more

Tappy Animals - Animal Quiz and Game

Submitted Wed 22 Oct '14

Tappy Animals is the perfect way for children (age 0-5) to learn about animals while having loads of fun. It features three modes of play: The sound quiz where you hear a sound... Read more

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