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Nutritious health drinks for a better lifestyle and diet

Green Smoothies Green Smoothies, Smoothies,...
Review posted Mon 7 Oct '13  ·  601 comments

One of the faster moving health trends over the last year or so has been the ascendence of the healthy vegetarian smoothie. I've lost count of the amount of refrigerators I've looked into recently that are filled with jam jars filled with different colored juices. Green Smoothies is a beautiful looking health and wellness application for iOS that features a great collection of healthy smoothie recipes put together by noted raw food chef and holistic wellness coach Laura Glucina. Green Smoothies is a very modern looking, slick and easy to use app that delivers all the facts and science to ... Read more

100,000 recipes at your fingertips

Recipe Kitchen Recipes for You & Your Kitchen
Review posted Sat 7 Sep '13  ·  377 comments

To me, the hardest thing about cooking dinner is actually coming up with the idea of what to eat in the first place. I have no problem with knocking something up in the kitchen but it is that touch of inspiration that's generally needed to stir me into action. That's why a food, recipe and cooking application like Recipe Kitchen is such a useful thing to have around. It's a beautiful looking app for iOS that offers over 100,000 searchable and easy to find recipes. Where this differs from many similar food apps is by providing a barcode scanner where ... Read more

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Submitted Fri 6 Feb '15
Cooking made easy with Cookiesy

Cookiesy fulfills your desire of cooking delightful traditional dishes and exquisite inter-continental delicacies at your kitchen, with ease. The cuisines are categorized and... Read more

All Recipes 4 You

Submitted Mon 22 Dec '14
the best recipes app on the store

The key to great Cook is finding a great recipe, And "All Recipes 4 You" knows recipes! Not sure what to serve today ? chek out our recipes. Note: we will add all other... Read more


Submitted Fri 19 Dec '14

In order to win the competition of the best idea design and development mobile application for Arab Mobile App Challenge, there is a new app idea " Cookaloca ". A tunisian team... Read more

Recipe Directions

Submitted Sun 14 Dec '14
The best way to create and share your own recipes...

Recipe Direction offers a simple and intuitive way to create your own recipes. It is focus on four main areas, the list of recipes, the recipe details, the shopping list and the... Read more

1000+ Soup Recipes

Submitted Wed 5 Nov '14
The World’s Largest Soup Recipes App

This amazing and delicious Soup Recipes App will help you achieve both the goals of weight loss and healthy eating at one go. Being the world’s largest Soup Recipes App, you can... Read more

1000+ Quick Fix Salad Recipes

Submitted Thu 16 Oct '14
Say Hello to Good Health

This amazing and delightful Salad Recipes App will help to achieve both the goals of weight loss and healthy eating at one go. Our Salad Recipes App offers you 1000 + easy,... Read more

Audio Chef

Submitted Wed 15 Oct '14
Audio Chef is designed for real time audio...

Audio Chef is designed for real time audio cooking book. A cooking app with audio files that allows the user to listen to audio in real time as they are making a meal. The audio... Read more


Submitted Fri 29 Aug '14
spoonacular connects you to the best food!

Spoonacular helps you save, organize, and share your recipes. Cook something delicious, take a picture, punch in the ingredients, and get your recipe rated according to... Read more