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Automatic resume reformatting to save recruiters and staffing agencies time and money

iReformat Fast, Flexible, Consistent
Review posted Tue 2 Dec '14

We humans are strange creatures. Once we've made up our mind about something it's darned hard to convince us to do something else. When it comes to business, however, I guess there has to be a regimented regime in place that everyone can understand and relate to. While that applies to much in the business world, you'd think that there wouldn't be much difference in the humble resume, would you? Back in the old days, all you'd have to display were the obvious things like name, address and phone number with a brief description of your working life and previous ... Read more

Next generation recruitment and employee management that's kept in the cloud

EmpXtrack Global HR and talent...
Review posted Tue 15 Apr '14

Up until the last few years, the whole business of human resources (or HR) has proved to be a rather fractured one in the business world. Sure, the big businesses have had it nailed down for a while but companies with a limited budget tended to either have one person with a spreadsheet or the work was covered by several different departments. Unless its a pretty small organization, it's rare to see the same people who hire and fire staff involved in staff performance reporting and getting the best out of your workers. EmpXtrack is a ground-breaking and all encompassing ... Read more

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Organize and manage your complete digital library and have access wherever you are

PDFstash PDF reader and library...
Review posted Mon 25 Nov '13  ·  395 comments

Once upon a time, the most frustrating aspect of a meeting away from your office was when you checked in your briefcase for a certain piece of paper only to find that you had forgotten or mislaid it. These days, with a computer close at hand, we seem to have alleviated much of that problem. Away from the computer is a different matter, however. Unless you had the forethought to email yourself the information so that it was easily accessible you still have the same problem. Your information is at one place and you are at another. PDF stash is ... Read more

Recruitment Apps

QA Globo Consulting

Submitted Thu 26 Feb '15
Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

QA Globo Consulting is a software testing company that offers a flexible and personal approach for each and every customer. We provide independent full-cycle quality assurance and... Read more

Recruit Zone Jobs

Submitted Wed 28 Jan '15
Find the best Jobs using the Recruit Zone job...

Find the best Jobs using the Recruit Zone job board app! From the Recruit Zone app you can search by job title, job location and jobs via your devices GPS. The Recruit Zone... Read more


Submitted Thu 22 Jan '15
Referral hiring that works.

Jobote is a referral hiring tool which helps companies leverage social networks to hire trusted talent. With Jobote, employees generate trackable referral links to open job... Read more


Submitted Tue 6 Jan '15
Recruitro is a solution using which you can...

Who is it for: Recruitro is a tool primarily built by keeping recruiters, recruitment agencies, corporate HRs in mind. But this tool is not limited to recruiters alone. Job... Read more


Submitted Sun 4 Jan '15
A modern applicant tracking system designed for...

Herringbone is a streamlined applicant tracking system designed to work on any modern browser. The app is designed for recruiting teams and offers features for candidate... Read more


Submitted Sat 3 Jan '15
Next generation talent acquisition solutions

Clinch is a next generation SAAS recruitment solution to help you manage your employer brand, promote jobs and make better hiring decisions with your team. Clinch helps you reach... Read more


Submitted Sat 20 Dec '14
Innovating the future of the recruiting industry...

We are a transparent and fine-tuned marketplace where genuine companies compete for the hottest talents in the fields of software engineering, data science, design or product... Read more

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