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A simple, flexible and personalizable calendar for your renting website

AvailabilityCalendar Need an availability calendar...
Review posted Wed 17 Apr '13

There are some apps that are quite complicated and are packed with features - many of which you will never use, I might add - and then there are others that have a single purpose and get the job done. AvailabilityCalendar sits nicely in the latter basket. This simple to use app is one of those that you either want or don't want. If you want a calendar to pin on your website so people can check the availability of something you are renting out then it doesn't get a lot simpler or a lot better than this one. This ... Read more

Scheduling tool for real estate agents

Show Mojo Schedule property showings...
Review posted Thu 15 Dec '11

It's tough times in the real estate business these days. It's certainly harder to sell a house in this tough economic climate. As a consequence there is far more pressure on the real estate salesman to actually make a sale or rent a property when the opportunity crops up. So whenever there is someone that wants to take a look at a property you are certainly going to want to fit them in somewhere. ShoMojo lets owners, managers and agents schedule rental and sales showings to give you the best chance of filling the vacancy.   ShowMojo takes the pain ... Read more

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  • Roomr
    Meet your perfect housemate
    Submitted Fri 13 Nov '15
  • DealCheck: Rentals
    A powerful mobile app for quickly...
    Submitted Sun 23 Aug '15
  • RentAwesome
    The easiest way to rent a GoPro for...
    Submitted Mon 9 Feb '15
    Accommodate well
    Submitted Tue 3 Feb '15
  • EZRentOut
    Make Customers Happy!
    Submitted Sat 6 Dec '14
  • Car Rentals Market
    Car Rentals
    Submitted Mon 17 Nov '14
  • stopandhire
    Goods and Services hire with a TWIST....
    Submitted Thu 26 Jun '14
  • tAlugado
    Online App for Managing your Rents
    Submitted Wed 21 Aug '13
  • Rentsafe Report
    rent, mortgage fraud, foreclosure,...
    Submitted Sun 24 Mar '13
  • SpotMe
    Split bills with roommates the easy...
    Submitted Tue 25 Dec '12

Make money - rent your stuff to your neighbor

Freegler Save money, hire from your...
Review posted Thu 1 Dec '11

Have a look around the house. I bet you have a whole bunch of stuff hanging around the place that your neighbors would love to borrow if they got the chance. Maybe it's that big tent that you haven't used for five years or the power tool you haven't taken out of the box since the renovations. Freegler is a community site that gives you the opportunity to rent the stuff you have lying around the house and taking up space when it could be making money for you. Read more

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Submitted Fri 13 Nov '15
Meet your perfect housemate

Roomr aims to disrupt London’s rental market by focusing on creating happy houseshares rather just filling empty rooms. The free app on iOS and Android puts personality at the... Read more

DealCheck: Rentals

Submitted Sun 23 Aug '15
A powerful mobile app for quickly analyzing and...

DealCheck: Rentals is a powerful mobile app for real estate investors and agents. You can use it to quickly analyze and compare investment properties on your phone or... Read more


Submitted Mon 9 Feb '15
The easiest way to rent a GoPro for your...

RentAwesome is the easiest way to rent a GoPro for your awesome adventure. We rent packages and also individual cameras, mounts, and accessories. The package includes everything... Read more

Submitted Tue 3 Feb '15
Accommodate well is B2B web service for small and middle accommodation owners, family hotels and tourist agencies which helps them to simplify their daily tasks, to fill empty... Read more


Submitted Sat 6 Dec '14
Make Customers Happy!

EZRentOut is an ideal solution for equipment rental businesses that need ease of use and scalability to run their business. Our web based solution requires no... Read more

Car Rentals Market

Submitted Mon 17 Nov '14
Car Rentals

Car Rentals Market app will easily take the hassle out of finding a great rental car. The app will help you find a car in all major parts of the world by simply entering the city... Read more


Submitted Thu 26 Jun '14
Goods and Services hire with a TWIST. The only...

Consumers are always looking for cheaper, safer and more efficient ways to hire any services. To give away your hard earned cash, two factors should work... Read more