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A superior way of reading your news feeds that is fast, clean and user-friendly

RSS Reader Pro A simple, powerful and fast...
Review posted Sat 8 Mar '14

More and more people these days are customizing the way they get their news and information from the Internet. The fact is, with the digital age well and truly upon us, there is so much information out there and it's getting rather time consuming and awkward to keep up with it all. That's why news-readers’ like this one have come to prominence over the last year or so. RSS Reader Pro is a simple, clean and powerful application that manages your feeds so easy-to-use that even your granny wouldn't have a problem with it. Despite its minimalist interface, the app ... Read more

Tags blog news read rss

All the news from all over the world

NextStories Discover interesting stories...
Review posted Mon 6 Aug '12  ·  43 comments

If you are a bit of a news junkie like myself you will be on the search continually for interesting news stories that you might not find in regular circles. Sometimes the best way to find what you are looking for is to just go with the flow and truly surf the net going from one story to another. But there are better ways. NextStories is an intuitive kind of bookmarklet application that delivers a constant stream of news stories based on your current viewing pleasure. So, if you are hunting down stories about, let's say Mitt Romney's tax imbroglio ... Read more

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Put all your favorite feeds and social media in one easy to read place

Rolio Simple Surfing.
Review posted Sat 14 Jul '12  ·  176 comments

Rolio is a social media monitoring application for the person with either a lot of fingers in a lot of social media or someone who is short of time. And, while it is easy to see the point of amalgamating all your favorite feeds into one app if you are a social viewer, Rolio will prove itself to be a very useful set of tools for businesses monitoring their product in real-time over a wide range of websites as well as Facebook and Twitter.  Read more

All the news on your favorite team

FeedMeSports The best way to stay informed...
Review posted Fri 2 Mar '12  ·  44 comments

All you sports fans will have your favorite sport applications to get the latest news about your teams but none will features the thing that sets the RSS app FeedMeSports apart from the rest. This sport app for your smartphone, iPad and iPod Touch  brings together heaps of feeds including blogs, newspaper articles and national media article that center around your favorite sporting team rather than the sport itself.   FeedMeSports unique in that it allows the user to choose the specific teams they want to follow and get news for. This is completely different from most other RSS applications ... Read more

Tags news rss sport

All the news you will ever need

headslinger A new way to discover the...
Review posted Sat 7 Jan '12  ·  3781 comments

Have you ever been into a newsagent and just read the newspapers until they throw you out for not buying anything? Whaddya mean no? You haven't lived until you've been there. Anyway, headslinger let's you read all the most interesting articles from all the most interesting news sources and all from the comfort of your own home. And you'll never get kicked out for doing it.   headslinger is a news sharing and social application that allows you to create a custom news list by news source. Whats more, it allows you to categorize your news by folder.The way we ... Read more

Discover RSS Feeds Multi-Dimensionally

FeedBooster Discover RSS Feeds...
Review posted Sat 1 Oct '11  ·  5 comments

We get our online information feeds from all over the Internet. There's RSS news, people's blogs not to mention your business feeds. It would be good to be able to channel all your feeds into one place to help you stay on top of them and get the most out of them. FeedBooster is an RSS feed that makes it easier to search, browse and explore your feeds.   FeedBooster is a free, advanced web-based feed reader based on Q-Sensei's powerful search and indexing technology that offers a new way of discovering relevant and timely information from the wealth of ... Read more

Tags rss tools

RSS Atom XML feed to, or

Pingvine RSS Atom XML feed to...
Review posted Sat 24 Sep '11  ·  4 comments

Well it used to be called Pingvine but it's now known as PowerShell from PowerFM but that's beside the point. We'll call it Pingvine for convenience sake. It's a free service that takes an RSS feed from your website or blog and posts it on your Twitter account easily and error free.   PingVine is a free Twitter and RSS tool that takes an Atom or RSS feed from your blog, lifestream or favorite website and posts it to Twitter, or It does this with a simple drag and drop technique and manages to reduce any errors (human ... Read more

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Submitted Tue 17 Mar '15
Tags, Trends and News

Just 3 simple principles 1. News item lives only one day. Because after that it is not a news item but a statement of fact. 2. Keywords are extracted from each news items. This... Read more


Submitted Wed 1 Oct '14
Make social wall with Facebook, Instagram, RSS,...

Create your social wall! -Capture social feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube... -Display them on social wall embedded on your site Read more


Submitted Fri 29 Aug '14
rss sync for everone

feedja wants to rss sync everyone :) Feedja is a long desired project of mine (a total RSS and feed reading addict) who finally got some time on his hands to build something. Read more

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