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Submitted Tue 3 Feb '09
Fresh, Effective Website Promotion

ClickSprout’s system works to post and syndicate relevant content about your website. Your description, keywords and links will appear gradually and naturally on blogs, tag... Read more

Submitted Tue 3 Feb '09
Search and Find Cheap Flights and Airline Tickets

Use to plan your next flight. is a comprehensive flight search engine available and it is free to use. Read more

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  • Gesturely
    Some apps are sent to change our lives - this is one of them
  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • Lemon Group Messenger
    A group messaging app that would even make Don Draper proud
  • Zinkerz TOEFL
    Pass your 'English as a second language' test the first time!
  • Photocon
    An easy way to stich two photos together without using Photoshop
  • Invasion: Online War Game
    Invade and plunder your enemies with a great new online war strategy game for mobile
  • Why.Not?
    Change the way you interact with people and events online
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  • JobZapp
    The job search app for graduate,...
    Submitted Fri 28 Aug '15
  • Scroll and Find
    Can you find the right person on time?
    Submitted Thu 30 Jul '15
  • Findera
    Make Google more beautiful
    Submitted Sun 12 Jul '15
  • Park Assistance
    Find the nearest parking for your...
    Submitted Tue 30 Jun '15
  • WhereDat
    Search engine for your phone
    Submitted Sun 28 Jun '15
  • Musteus
    Search engine and monitoring tool
    Submitted Fri 29 May '15
  • VIVPRA Campus App
    Find Bachelor Degree Programs Based...
    Submitted Fri 29 May '15
  • WordGame - word search game
    This addicting indie word search...
    Submitted Sun 24 May '15
  • buysmaart
    a website that uses artificial...
    Submitted Sat 23 May '15
  • Yoke
    Track what matters to you
    Submitted Sat 23 May '15


Submitted Sun 1 Feb '09
The Live, Online Events Guide

CalFeed is a guide for online events. CalFeed gathers and categorizes online event information from many sources. Then it allows visitors to Vote on those events. The more popular... Read more

Meta Flavor

Submitted Fri 30 Jan '09
Food search site

Meta Flavor is a resource for restaurants and food lovers. Millions of menus all searchable. Read more

Submitted Fri 30 Jan '09
Search, Evolved.

MSE360 is a unique search engine offer features such as, virus warnings, age ratings alerts, privacy, 3 tier layout, speedy results, and more. Read more

My God Search

Submitted Thu 29 Jan '09
Religion and web 2.0 search

A custom search engine that searches religious and web 2.0 sites, for educational and ministry work Read more


Submitted Thu 29 Jan '09
Tag your bookmarks and search engines

Ambedo can be just about anything you want it to be. We prefer to call it a search engine tagger or something like that. Depending on what you search for, you often need to use... Read more

Submitted Wed 28 Jan '09
Be rewarded to search

Search With and Redeem Exclusive Prizes at the Swag Store, Just by searching the web. Read more

Submitted Tue 27 Jan '09
visual comparison

The Shopnics website is a next generation shopping site which aims to take comparison shopping to a whole new level. The main differentiation factor is to use A.I. in shopping... Read more


Submitted Tue 27 Jan '09
Free Craigslist Apartment Search

A free tool for helping with your apartment search. Basically, it’s a big Google map with tons of Craigslist apartment listings marked on it. Realtime filters make it easy... Read more