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Submitted Wed 20 Feb '08
A flight search engine

Trabber is a new search engine that simultaneously searches on the main online flight providers: online travel agencies, lowcost carriers and traditional airlines. Each flight is... Read more


Submitted Wed 20 Feb '08
The Real Estate Search Engine

The DotHomes site allows home seekers across the UK, South Africa and the US to search thousands of real estate Websites from one place, linking through directly to the original... Read more

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    Advanced analytics for your website
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    Submitted Thu 16 Apr '15
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    Submitted Fri 10 Apr '15
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    Visual Travel Search
    Submitted Tue 24 Mar '15
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    Submitted Tue 3 Mar '15
  • The Creative Ham
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    Submitted Sat 28 Feb '15
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    Submitted Sat 21 Feb '15


Submitted Thu 14 Feb '08
We search. You travel.

The world’s most comprehensive travel search engine. Mobissimo is the ultimate travel search engine with a simple mission: improve the way people seek and discover travel... Read more


Submitted Thu 14 Feb '08  ·  7 comments
Flight Search Engine

Momondo searches 437 websites to help you find cheap flights instantly. Momondo is a cutting edge web 2.0 travelsite with the best flight search engine on the world wide web. We... Read more


Submitted Thu 14 Feb '08
Automated Learning in Your Browser

Topper Search is a personalized search engine. Topper uses your unique preferences and builds a model that represents your tastes or intent. Once a Topper model or... Read more


Submitted Tue 12 Feb '08
Browse easily and efficiently in Wiki content

WikiMindMap is a tool to browse easily and efficiently in Wiki content, inspired by the mindmap technique. Wiki pages in large public wiki’s, such as wikipedia, have become... Read more

Where's Best

Submitted Sun 10 Feb '08
Find out where's best here

Find a place to meet friends, family or associates in the UK Stuck for somewhere to go or a place to meet? Need inspiration or suggestions for something to do or a night out?... Read more


Submitted Tue 5 Feb '08
Search in color

Circos is a me-centric search engine that makes it quick and easy to find the answers you’re looking for. When you search for something at Circos, you receive a personalized... Read more


Submitted Tue 5 Feb '08  ·  1 comment
Search & Listen Music

Enter Song, Artist Name and click Play! Read more


Submitted Tue 5 Feb '08
Search 2.0

RedZee is the result of many years of brain-storming sessions that aimed to create a search engine that will revolutionize search. Conventional search engines use text as the main... Read more